Any ladies trying to lose 10-15lbs? Want some friends

Hi ya I’m trying to lose at least 10lbs by December, or up to 15. I am a week in and would love some girl support :)


  • seedrah6
    seedrah6 Posts: 55 Member
    Add me ladies! :smile:
  • llbrixon
    llbrixon Posts: 964 Member
    Add me too! I need to get 15 off before the holidays add more weight!It
  • joellej89
    joellej89 Posts: 15 Member
    Same here! Feel free to add me as well! Needing more friends for support!
  • brig220
    brig220 Posts: 52 Member
    Same here, 10lbs by xmas, I’m looking for friends for support
  • kierrakins
    kierrakins Posts: 16 Member
    Oh me! That's me! 15 by Christmas is my exact goal! Feel free to add me.
  • stoml
    stoml Posts: 4 Member
    Yes, me too!
  • maura_tasi
    maura_tasi Posts: 196 Member
    Yes, me too! I'm trying to drop around 10lbs by Christmas time! Feel free to add me!
  • heather4life4
    heather4life4 Posts: 37 Member
    Looking to do the same here! You can do this! Feel free to add me
  • MelissaSheklian
    MelissaSheklian Posts: 141 Member
    Add me! 10 by the end of the year, 20 by my birthday (April) to reach my goal weight!
  • Knoxvilla5
    Knoxvilla5 Posts: 74 Member
    Heya! Trying to lose 15 lbs to get to 115 and STAY there! Add me if you like to share (overshare) pics, ideas, motivational statements, failures and triumphs alike!
  • Deathblade5
    Deathblade5 Posts: 8 Member
    I'm trying to lose a bit more (15 - 20) but I'm totally into having friends and staying accountable!
  • cookster82
    cookster82 Posts: 39 Member
    I just intro'd yesterday and am trying to build myself a tribe as well. Feel free to add me as well as any others that are interested!
  • debbiezag
    debbiezag Posts: 32 Member
    add me too!! Lets do this!
  • seedrah6
    seedrah6 Posts: 55 Member
    I'm trying to lose a bit more (15 - 20) but I'm totally into having friends and staying accountable!

    20 is my long term goal but I don’t want to put too much pressure instantly so 10 will do and 15 will get me back to my old weight 2 months ago
  • WendyPouse
    WendyPouse Posts: 3 Member
    I'm in for this. Just posted my story in this category and this is close to my soft goal track of loosing 27 by February. Add me for support and encouragement!
  • EllieElla2015
    EllieElla2015 Posts: 67 Member
    Me too! My goal is to lose 10 pounds- I don’t really have a deadline for it though. I have a really small deficit- like 60 calories per week small because I’m really not happy when I eat less than that, so it’ll be a slow loss for me but hopefully worth the wait!