Callanetics? Am i the only one?



  • lauhil
    lauhil Posts: 101 Member
    I am currently doing it every other day. I have the dvd. The video tape came out in 1986 (the year I was born.) I heard great things about Callanetics,and I am starting to maybe see results! My clothes are getting a bit looser as well! I hope to see even more results in the near future!
  • scarlet67
    scarlet67 Posts: 107 Member
    Did this as a teenager back in the 80s on tape! Now have the DVD I'm nearly 50 but still do it now and then x :wink:
  • Elott7840
    Elott7840 Posts: 6 Member
    I've been doing Callanetics again, this time as my main exercise. It's an exercise program that is remarkably effective and safe for anyone, any age, any fitness level. I've done it on and off since I was a teenager in the 80s. It's amazing! I belong now to the Callanetics Studio Online, it's a small monthly fee and there are many many streaming workouts available so you don't get bored. The original ones starring Callan are on there as well as many modern ones with multiple teachers. Rebounding and Callanetics are giving me my best body since I was a teenager!
  • jaquibleu
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    I do Callanetics a couple of times a week and subscribe online, too. My problem is trying to do that, cardio, and upper body strength training in a six day week. Do you have a schedule of routine?
  • LynnBBQ72
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    I have the original book that I bought in maybe 1984? It is in tatters but I do the entire routine at least once a week. I'm sure if I did it three times a week I would see more results. I had no idea anyone else did it, much less the online subscriptions that are available. I'll have to check them out!
  • march4today2
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    I just found this thread while looking for calories burned for Callanetics 10 Hour Original (another site/poster says its about 400 calories). But, I thought I'd mention to anyone that LOVES Callanetics, and it is by far the fastest workout program out there... still, you might be happy to know for a few years now there is Callanetics TV that you can download from your app store and view on your device, woohoo!! No more dusty VHS tapes or trying to find a player for your DVD. Of course its a subscription, 7 day free trial, and then you can either go monthly or annually...totally worth it as there are TONS of different workouts. Unfortunately, Callan is only guiding on a handfull of the workouts.