As a truck driver I lost 189 pounds using the app



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    Awesome!!! Very inspiring!!
  • JeromeBarry1
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    bump, for the truckers
  • jgnatca
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    I can't tell you how many times I've stood behind someone in line at Subway watching them order a sandwich with no veggies, extra cheese and double sauce.
  • elwallgren
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    My downfall to subway is the raspberry cheesecake cookies. Its a struggle walking away empty handed
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    any loose skin problems
  • SiegfriedXXL
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    Congratulations! So inspiring!
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    Just awesome! Thanks for sharing your story.
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    Holy crap that's awesome.
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    Congrats great job!
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    Another bump for the truckers. Got to get it out and make sure they see it
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    Awesome job!!
  • mbholme81
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    I am in your shoes now....i am actually sitting in my sleeper berth writing this, at the point where you were a few years ago. any advice you can give to start out would be appreciated.
  • sbrown6
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    What an inspiration!! My husband was an OTR driver for years and it’s a hard life. It’s awesome that you are a success under such stressful and limiting conditions. Thanks so much for sharing your experience!!
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    Awesome! Congrats!!
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    That's awesome! Big congratulations on your success :)
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    Awesome, way to go! Love your rational outlook, both on the weight loss and on the real life benefits like playing with your kids and wife. Congrats and thanks for sharing!