Weighing vs. estimating



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    I weigh and measure when it's convenient and estimate when it's not.

    It's been accurate enough to allow me to lose 38# over 18 months and maintain my wt at 158 +/-3# over the past 11 months.
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    I weigh some food - calorie dense things that it is easy for me to have too much of - cheese, dried fruit, cracker biscuits, for example.
    Rice, meat, veg at tea because i have the scale there and is easy to do.
    But most things I do not weigh - I treat every mandarine or banana or egg as the same size, every cup of coffee as having same amount of milk, a slice of bread, muesli bar etc to be what bar code says it is, a container of yoghurt to contain how much it says it does etc.
    I also estimate when I am out and log things as similar to other things I alredy have in my list

    This worked for me the whole way through - both at the start and as i got closer to goal and when I am in maitnenance.
    Have maintained at BMI of 22 for around 4 years now.

    My advice would not be to weigh as accurately as possible - it would be to weigh as lazily or aproximately as works for you.
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    Personaly I started by weighing all my food and since I have some staples that I just looooooove to eat... I got an eye for how much should a portion be. I spot checked a few times since I just started guestimating how much each portion weighs and Im pretty close every time so that's the way I'm going. Obviously for something new I will do my best to weigh it accurately!
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    I weigh almost everything! I NEED the most accurate count I can get or that's the thing I will be obsessing about for the rest of the day. Cold cuts, nuts, vegetables, fruit. I don't weigh a lot of things that have barcodes though, I generally count on the accuracy of the label (this does not apply to nuts).
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    It is possible to lose weight not counting calories, tracking food, using a food scale. If you are struggling to achieve the result you want logging consistently and as accurately as you can though could be very helpful. A food scale is a useful tool.
    I did not weigh everything starting out and still lost weight. Eventually I started using a food scale for some things like peanut butter, yogurt, cottage cheese, pasta. It is easy and quick.