Can't get into weight lifting

I am one of those cardio queens, how do you get into weight lifting and actually enjoy it??


  • TavistockToad
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    I'm not a fan... I do the tiniest amount I can get away with to compliment my running...
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    Nobody enjoys weightlifting....... j/k.

    Depending on what your goals are you may not need to spend a lot of time on strength training and you may even be able to get by on pretty much body weight exercises. Perhaps you could have a look at something like Stronglifts 5 x 5 which is pure strength based on a total of 5 compound exercises broken up into two workouts of 3 lifts done for 5 reps & 5 sets. The program starts with an unloaded bar (45 lbs) and works up from there; how far you progress (ie how heavy you lift) is entirely up to you. I'd rather spend my time running or biking but I've actually grown to enjoy the way lifting makes me feel.
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    There's only one way to find out, try things until you find something you enjoy.
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    newwed412 wrote: »
    I am one of those cardio queens, how do you get into weight lifting and actually enjoy it??

    I find it boring as hel. It's important to my running, so I do it.
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    It's ok to not like weight lifting. I don't like cardio much but love lifting weights. I do cardio because it's good to be fit and helps with fat loss, but I don't actually enjoy it. I do tabata so cardio sessions are short and hard. If you're not into weights but want to do build some muscle how about doing body weight exercises instead? For me, I like progressively increasing the weights I do, that's where I get the enjoyment from. There are lots of programmes online, or you could get a trainer to do a plan for you which would ensure you're doing the exercises correctly.
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    i was told to be successful in achieving my goal I would have to love the process. I lifted seldom and played basketball forever and hated lifting. I got injured and couldnt play basketball anymore. I begin lifting, measuring, weighing, snapping pics, and doing less cardio....Gradually it all worked! I lift daily now and still do cardio only 2 times a week for 20 minutes. I love cardio but too much mixed with a low protein diet and results can be cruel
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    newwed412 wrote: »
    I am one of those cardio queens, how do you get into weight lifting and actually enjoy it??

    I found using a program that documented my progress helped motivate me. I used Stronglifts 5X5. Pretty easy - only 5 lifts to learn. Downloading the app made everything so simple. It told me what exercise to do at what weight. Nothing to think about, just go into the gym and do it.
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    Add some body weight training while you are running. Just sitting around lifting weights can get really boring at times. I like to grab a log or a rock while I am out running to add resistance. Try doing sprints and at the end of your sprint add some pushups. If you can find a nice sturdy tree jump up and do some pullups. Get creative. When I workout at home I have a large tractor tire and a sledge hammer that I use as well. Try lots of different things until you find what you enjoy and you can stick with.
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    You can always start out with bodyweight resistance training and build yourself up. I feel once you get past a certain mental wall by noticing results from BW exercises (maybe better toned legs etc) the motivation ignites itself and you begin to find what works well for you. Also you don't have to be conventional with it - by bringing fun into it your more likely to stick it out :)
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    I don't love it either, but try hard to do it regularly in my rowing off-season. If I can tough it out for the first few weeks, I start liking how my body feels, and that becomes motivating, even though I still don't love the activity itself. YMMV, though. ;)
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    I prefer cardio too.

    I prefer to do strength exercises that don't involve weights or weight lifting per se.

    For me, I look at yoga with weight-bearing poses. I also love Classical Stretch, (check to see if it's available on your local PBS station in the USA) which also focuses on posture, flexibility, and anti-aging.

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    actually getting shown HOW to lift properly makes a huge difference and so does following a program. But - it's not everyone's cup of tea.

    Before I got shown what to do I also used to find it boring as batshit and completely useless. Now I love it.
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    If you go to a gym try to find a class that uses weights. I love cardio and can't strand weights but I take body pump 2/3 times a week and it's an hour of barbel and hand weights and it's such a blast.
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    Pick a strength routine that specifically compliments your preferred cardio. Love to run? Find a good strength for runners program and while you're lifting think about how it's going to make you faster and help keep you injury free for more running.

    Or try circuit training with cardio intervals, calisthenics, power yoga, etc. Weight lifting isn't the only way to work on strength.

    No doubt you already know this, by strength training is crucial to healthy aging. Ultimately find the type you hate the least, pick some rewards to give yourself when it's done, and get 'er done. :)
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    newwed412 wrote: »
    I am one of those cardio queens, how do you get into weight lifting and actually enjoy it??

    I gave up on the enjoying it part, and worked it into my schedule. It's become routine. I'm appreciating the results. That's what I can hope for. :smile:
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    Yea I've been there.

    It takes time, and the right program. Once I started progressing and feeling strong, and following a program I loved, and seeing the results (oh my the results...) I was hooked. I thought I had to suffer and do HIIT and keep my heart rate up and sweat to make progress.. haha, yea, no. I mean I do work hard with my lifting, but it's different and I am able to be more consistent with it without struggling (like I used to with cardio).. so that keeps me coming back.
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    It's hard to get hooked until you figure out what weights you SHOULD be lifting, the ones that really stress your muscles. Otherwise it just feels tedious. A plan like the stronglifts 5x5 helps shortcut you to that weight, because you get progressively heavier every time you lift.
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    I believe the best way to get in to it is by researching the benefits - I once was a cardio queen too... but once I learned more, I started slow and steady and started to notice them curves and how much better my jeans looked, no turning back - hehe
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    I started watching Whitney Simmons on YouTube and she definitely inspired me! She’s always coming up with new workouts. Maybe that’ll help you :)