5k & half marathon

What do you eat to keep your energy up while on the keto diet instead of carbs???? I have a 5k Saturday and half marathon Sunday in Vegas !!!


  • pebble4321
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    For a 5k I don’t think anything is needed, that’s a short time to be running, even for a super slow runner like me.
    For a half marathon I’d stick with whatever you’ve been doing during your training. Changing race food a few days out sounds like a recipe for trouble to me.

    Then you can do some research before your next race and see what sits well in your stomach and gives you energy. I’m guessing you will need to look at higher fat options if you don’t want carbs - maybe jerky or nuts, but that’s just a guess.
  • buffgrl
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    Fat. Eat more fat. It also depends on how trained you are and how long you've been keto. If you're an experienced runner and you're fully keto adapted, you'll be fine on just water and maybe some electrolytes depending on your needs, eating a solid breakfast beforehand too that includes some healthy fats and protein. If you're kind of a newbie and/or you just recently started keto, you might be in for a rough ride particularly when it comes to your Half Marathon. Doing both back to back is going to be tough as it is, unless you're not really all out "racing" but just doing more of a fun run. Doing your half while being under-trained and not yet adapted to keto can actually be kind of dangerous too, so if this is the case I would take some kind of gel or something just in case, you don't want to pass out or bonk and get a DNF.
  • dotwilldoit
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    I agree with both of above. You can’t change now. Whatever you have been doing in training will have to do the trick. Eating more fat is good thing right now though. I presume you eat during your runs also? I know I do during a half marathon. Gels are my friends during anything longer than 10 miles. I did Vegas a few years ago.. it was cold and windy! Gasp! Running at the end of the day affected me more than I expected. Did Niagara half a few weeks ago after losing weight and earned a new pr. Windy again, hah! But loved that 10am start. Good luck to you. You can do it!