Trap gains

Hey folks. Trying to build up my traps, but can't seem to make any progress. Besides shrugs, what are you doing for a trap workout?

Some exercises for the shoulder in programs I'm doing include:
Seated shoulder press
Lat raises
Rear dealt fly

I feel like the other areas of my shoulders are strong. But no trap building going on.


  • JasonPerkinsMFP
    JasonPerkinsMFP Posts: 2 Member
    Have you tried a barbell high pull?

    Remember to keep your elbows above the bar!
  • Leadfoot_Lewis
    Leadfoot_Lewis Posts: 1,623 Member
    Farmer's Walks
    Hang Cleans/Cleans
  • Mycophilia
    Mycophilia Posts: 1,225 Member
    Rack pulls are worth mentioning as well. However, if you're not making trap progress and they don't feel sore/beat up from time to time, it's probably a good move to increase volume.
  • notreallychris
    notreallychris Posts: 501 Member
    Thanks all, googling them now! And I must admit. My elbows aren't the best (a bit of tennis elbow) but I will try these out and see how they go.
  • jemhh
    jemhh Posts: 14,261 Member
    Deadlifts and farmer's walks.

    I don't do any exercise specifically to build my traps but those are the exercises that have made a difference for me.
  • Chieflrg
    Chieflrg Posts: 9,097 Member
    I only do deads. It gives plenty of stimulas.
  • kelly_e_montana
    kelly_e_montana Posts: 1,999 Member
    I have really big traps for a female and not through any kind of hypertrophy program. I got them from a lot of heavy deadlifting and doing cleans.
  • cs2thecox
    cs2thecox Posts: 533 Member
    I have big-for-a-girl traps too.
    Nothing specific, but I do deadlift with a cage/trap bar instead of a barbell because I have ankle mobility issues and it's the only way I can! Also rack pulls.

    Mine are sore today, and yesterday was bench press, pull downs with a close grip attachment thingie, single arm barbell rows and ab roll outs...!
  • Lean59man
    Lean59man Posts: 714 Member
    Upright rows.

  • notreallychris
    notreallychris Posts: 501 Member
    Thanks for all the responses everyone! Will be adding these to my routine.
  • Okiludy
    Okiludy Posts: 558 Member
    Another Deadlift only here, but I only do the 4 main compound lifts and barbell rows.
  • piperdown44
    piperdown44 Posts: 958 Member
    Farmer walks make me chuckle a bit because...
    I built my traps on the farm and they stayed with me. Lots of lugging heavy stuff around like.....farmer walks.
    But really, most shoulder lifts hit the traps to a certain extent and deads will build them like crazy.
  • notreallychris
    notreallychris Posts: 501 Member
    I don't do deadlifts often lol. It sounds like I need to get on them.
  • LiftHeavyThings27105
    LiftHeavyThings27105 Posts: 2,086 Member
    I dont do anything specific for traps but when I was doing dead lifts three times a week my traps blew the heck up! Very noticeable increase there....
  • sllm1
    sllm1 Posts: 2,114 Member
    My traps have increased immensely with CrossFit - they are most sore when I do cleans, particularly hang cleans.
  • canadianlbs
    canadianlbs Posts: 5,199 Member
    overhead press is probably the principle reason for mine. i haven't deadlifted very consistently in the last while but they're still there.

    make sure you don't neglect your mid/lower traps and other scapular stabilizer muscles while you're working to build the parts everybody can see. at a minimum try to stay aware of your scapular stability and position while you're doing anything that hits the upper traps hard. i love the cable-pulldown station for that - not a fan of pullups in any form but that's an option as well if you can do them with nice solid form.
  • watts6151
    watts6151 Posts: 897 Member
    Hex bar deadlifts
  • Dannyboy313
    Dannyboy313 Posts: 14 Member
    Trap bar deadlifts, farmers walks, barbell shrugs, rack pulls and full range of motion upright rows, weight is the main thing here heavy low rep sets
  • DX2JX2
    DX2JX2 Posts: 1,921 Member
  • MilesAddie
    MilesAddie Posts: 166 Member
    Anything from the Hang position - Hang Power Cleans, Hang Snatch High Pulls, Hang Clean High Pulls