Calories empty or full

Just read the article on calories in vs exercise or diet or both. Which prompted me to me to think if you eat 1200 calories and the majority are empty (as in rice cakes and alcohol) can you still loose weight ?


  • Mycophilia
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    Yes? "Empty" calories are still calories.
  • sijomial
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    Why wouldn't you lose weight?

    Not seeing how you could think a low quality diet of 1200 cals would somehow prevent weight loss but a higher quality diet of 1200 cals would perhaps allow someone to lose weight.

    Those poor souls in concentration camps didn't have high quality diets.
  • Alatariel75
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    of course you would. Might do some crappy things for your nutritional profile but you'd lose weight.
  • JaydedMiss
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    I mean...duh lol. I could lose eating nothing but oil. But Id feel like complete *kitten*
  • Ready2Rock206
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    Of course. What makes you think you wouldn't lose weight?
  • Lean59man
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    You'd lose weight but you'd get scurvy and your hair and teeth would fall out.
  • middlehaitch
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    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    Calories for weight loss. Good nutrition and exercise for health. Smart people want both outcomes. ;)

    Succinctly put @AnnPT77, :), h.
  • lemurcat12
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    Yes, but you'd probably not feel great, would expend less energy, and for most of us would have a much harder time sticking to calories.