Do you make sure you eat back your leftover calories at night?



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    Bank for the weekend.
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    I rarely eat when not hungry. I'll just save them for another day.
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    I dont have to eat when im not hungry the same way i dont need to be hungry to eat. Maintenance is all about the middle ground. Work days i burn a ton i literally have to pack away 3-5 donuts on top of all my normal meals all being fit into a 4ish hour window after work while having 0 appetite. My jobs filthy and active it just doesnt make for much of an appetite let alone stuffing myself against my will. In no way do i find that acceptable, So most the time i save calories for days i dont work. I tend to have my appetite then lol. Aslong as it averages out im good.

    Besides, Then when im actually craving something i can eat it. Everything tastes beter when you eat it because you want it in the moment, Vs because its there or you just can.
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    sijomial wrote: »
    I would feel restricted if I felt compelled to balance the books on a daily basis and for me at least the feeling of being restricted isn't conducive to happy and successful long term weight maintenance.
    There's likely to be times when you are hungry (especially if you "enjoy eating") but don't have any calories left for the day.

    I just seek a balance over an extended period of time.
    Same applies to holidays/vacations, the period of time is even more extended. :smile:

    This ^. If its an occasional thing, it will just balance out for logging and exercise burn errors.
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    If I have leftover calories and I'm not hungry, I just let them go. I've been on maintenance over 3 years and although I still log every day, the amount of calories left over just does not seem to bother me. I don't bail them and I don't worry about them. Somehow, another day and I will go over my calories. It all works out. Sometimes it's best to relax a bit about this, but when you are new on maintenance, it is understandable that you are being pretty structured. I was, too. Now the only time I get into worrying about leftover calories is if I am above my scream weight for a week, and need to really watch what I am doing.
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    Ooops. I mean "bank" not "bail". Darn auto-correct.
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    Nope, never.
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    anewell28 wrote: »
    I was very active today and I still have 500 left, and I'm not hungry but I do enjoy eating lol what do you do in this situation?

    This depends...if this is a frequent thing and you're not balancing things out over the long term, you're not going to maintain your're going to continue to lose weight.

    When I logged, I took a longer view of things rather than getting too wrapped up in the day to day minutia. I've maintained for over 4.5 years and haven't logged in a long time, but I can tell you that just like most people in the world, I'm not eating the exact same calories every day...I have lower days and higher days, and they simply balance each other out over the long run.
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    When I am in weight loss mode- no, when I am in maintenance yes or I will keep losing weight.