Losing weight for people who are short

I once was a highly competitive swimmer who didn't care what I ate because I knew I'd burn about a thousand calories throughout practices. When I quit those habits continued because I didn't know anything else. My Fitness pal helped me cut down my portions and continue to eat the things I love, just in moderation. I went from 145 to 133 in 50 days:) can't wait to keep going


  • HobbitSithLord
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    I'm 5'3 and used to do a lot of hiking, biking, walked everywhere, etc - never had to worry about it. I live in suburbia now without access to a lot of my favorite activities so I definitely have to be more aware of my eating habits. MFP is definitely a huge help for that. Congrats on the loss! I've gone from 163 to 143 so far. :)
  • Zara11
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    nice loss!
  • Hiii! Im 5’3”, I usually work all day and I’m barely active. I have just stared to lose weight. I started a week ago with 66kg and today I weigh 64. Baby steps to success!
  • wowmanacat
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    hello, I am 4'10" and I have never really been that active. I am just getting started for like the 4th time at losing weight and I am making my husband join me this time. I have not really lost any weight yet but I hope that with the next few week I can.