Post here for fitness friends! :)



    KANGOOJUMPS Posts: 6,472 Member
    naughty streak friends can add me.
  • objectoffitness
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    Late to this post but looking for accountability and friends on the app!
  • Faiz031
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    Feel free to add :)
  • IronDogJourney
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    You need me.
  • Flab_U_Less_86
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    Hey everyone! I've been using this app on and off for a while... I am back on track now, and I would love more friends so we can cheer eachother on! Ive requested to add you all! If i missed anyone, feel free to request me! Have a great day! ☺
  • Flab_U_Less_86
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    Edit to my post: I've added *some* of you.... I didn't realize how long this thread Feel free to add me!
  • eribert
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    Hi guys newly joined here I welcome buddy friends for motivation my activities are running, gym and swimming if it helps but I run mostly. Working whole day in field construction.
  • Feel free to add me too.
  • klimbinghgh84
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    Hello everybody. Will definitely need some accountability and some advice. Trying to drastically drop my weight in a sensible manner and could use the encouragement. More friends the better.
  • ballardf
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    If love to share the journey!!
  • Erica0021
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    Always looking for new friends/motivation add me!!
  • diaskenu
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    feel free to add me
  • dgthom72
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    Hey!!!! Have an awesome day!! What ever you are doing. Enjoy it!!!
  • JohnnyAvp
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    Hey peeps. Been MIA for a while but getting back into it. Feel free to add me :)
  • csorbs
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    Feel free to add me - need motivation and stick-to-it-ness!
  • mikaelamazzeo
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    Hi all! I struggle a lot with consistency when it comes to my fitness/diet goals. It would be really helpful to have some kind of accountability.
  • leximar17
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    I'm looking for buddies on here too! I'll add you
  • LMDlove230
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    Feel free to add me too! Always welcome more motivation and support. And happy to give it as well. :)
  • xrunlukerunx
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    Definitely after more runners for some added inspiration and also happy for anyone to add me :)