La Croix Water



  • cmtigger
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    I like it and drink a lot. I like the peach pear, passion fruit, apricot, and coconut the most. I like some of the other brands of sparkling water too. (But not all). I need to drink a lot of water because I get kidney stones and it helps.
  • Passionfruit for the win! Lime, lemon, and grapefruit are good. Blackberry cucumber was really odd tasting to me. The last time my kids were sick, I gave them some thinking they might like to hydrate with something sparkly and flavored, but they didn't like it. I guess that's a good thing, though! :D
  • Nomseys
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    Raspberry cranberry is the best one.
  • OhMsDiva
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    One of my coworkers gave me one to try yesterday. It was horrible. If you like club soda, then you will like it.
  • aeloine
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    Apparently it has BPA in their cans, though. My friend's Austin office used to stock it but are phasing it out.

    I like sparkling Voss and sparkling smart water better. Topo chico is my jam too.
  • mitch16
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    I prefer Polar and Poland Springs Sparkling to LaCroix (I prefer drinking from plastic bottles with resealable screw tops to cans), and there are definitely flavors that I prefer compared to others. Overall sparkling water is an acquired taste--it took me a while, but I acquired it right around the time that I started drinking plain black coffee too...
  • Emily3907
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    I switched to La Croix when I gave up my coke habit. I can't do Diet Coke or Coke Zero, so La Croix gets me the bubbles.

    I really like the Lemon and Lime. I also like their Curate flavors, specifically the Cherry-Lime and Strawberry-Pineapple.

    FWIW, I also really like Schweppe's Black Cherry flavor.
  • greenlizard72
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    I'm digging Sobe water, Strawberry Dragonfruit. I've used it the last couple of weeks in place of Dr.Pepper. I like the taste better if it is cold; However, the price is rather high buying it one at a time from my work cafe. I need to check out wholesale prices.
  • Aaron_K123
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    LaCroix is just expensive club soda with like a squeeze of lime or a squeeze of grapefruit or w/e the flavor is and nothing else. If you like the flavor and don't mind the cost there is certainly nothing wrong with it...but its practically water and I don't typically buy water. I mean if you don't like plain water its pretty easy to just squeeze some lemon into a pitcher of water and there you go. If you need it to be bubbly pretty easy to get something that will carbonate your tap water and then just squeeze your fruit of choice into it and there you go.

    I get though that cost is relative and if you'd rather just buy it rather than make it for close to free then sure. Personally I think LaCroix is laughably overpriced for what it is....there is basically nothing in it.
  • kavahni
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    Love it. Fave flavor is tangerine, but it’s not consistently available and rarely on sale. Mango is gross. The first can of coconut is spectacular, but pretty much horrid after that (not sure why). We drink a lot of grapefruit, lime, and lemon. Really can’t go for those flavors that remind me of all the vegetation currently being soaked in perfectly good water (cucumber anything), but I am a curmudgeon and abhor change. :-)
  • Mslmesq
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    Theoretically I like it. But every time I buy it, my husband drinks it first. :/.

    I also like buying strawberry juice and mixing it with sparkling water. You could add some cayenne for a kick.