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    I made the egg roll in a bowl tonight! My family was begging me to make it more! We served it over cauliflower rice and the servings were huge and satisfying. We didn't even feel the need to have wontons with it!
    Thanks so much for sharing, this is a new staple in my house! It cost my $6.50 for all the ingredients. It'll be even cheaper next time because I don't have to buy the sesame oil again.

    No problem. Its a cheap and easy thing to make. I usually just use my asian seasoning blend instead of fresh ginger and all that. Its just easier that way. I also use ground turkey or venison instead of pork sometimes.

    Oh good great suggestion cause I would much rather use the seasoning blend instead of getting a huge branch of ginger and only using the bit of it. Thanks!
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    You are welcome to peek at my diary. I like to cook so we are often having something different. I'm basically a lazy cook, though, so you won't see fancy, hard to make things.

    If you see a recipe name and want to know what went in it, just pm me and ask. Last night we had what the imported recipe I started with called "classic meat loaf" but it really was one with lots of vegetables in it. I could send you the ingredients list I used for example.

    On the other hand, if you see an odd list of ingredients for supper and wonder what the heck they became, pm me and I can tell you what I made.

    Our suppers are somewhat high calorie because it's our main meal of the day but you could always do smaller portions than we do.
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    For breakfast I've been eating 2 eggs scrambled and cooked in the microwave. I put them on 2 slices of 35 calorie bread. Then I add salsa and a slice of American cheese. This is very filling and keeps good until lunch.
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    Do you like sweet potatoes? I am having them this week for lunches. Cooked them all overnight in the crockpot and then just reheat at lunch. I did some searches for healthy and filling toppings for them. Today I am trying some of the PB powder to add protein (and I love PB) and some pecans (crushed up) with some cinnamon, all spice and nutmeg. No butter or brown sugar, which would have been my previous go to. I also want to try some spicy black beans on a sweet potato.
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    Breakfast- eggs, Ezekiel toast, oatmeal with honey
    Several other meals - ground beef and brown rice (white rice after gym). I put yum yum sauce or change the sauces for taste. I get the 5 lb meat tubes, cook, and refrigerate. I spoon out my portions. Rice I use the 1 cup microwave bowls. I try to keep it easy.
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    Can anyone recommend some meals like this? Breakfast lunch, dinner, and snacks. I need healthy ideas for all of them because I am cutting out junk food and I like to switch up my meals every week. I am not a very picky person at all. Substitution recommendations are also welcome. (I prefer to use almond milk with anything I make)
    The world is your oyster.
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    Do you like sweet potatoes? I am having them this week for lunches. Cooked them all overnight in the crockpot and then just reheat at lunch. I did some searches for healthy and filling toppings for them. Today I am trying some of the PB powder to add protein (and I love PB) and some pecans (crushed up) with some cinnamon, all spice and nutmeg. No butter or brown sugar, which would have been my previous go to. I also want to try some spicy black beans on a sweet potato.

    Have you tried them savory? W sour cream and chipotle?
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    I bake sweet potatoes in the oven let cool wrap in foil and freeze. You .ca. reheat them when you want t a meal in less than 2 minutes and they still taste baked. I eat sweetg potatoes with frozen green beans which I flash fry in water and tgen stir fry in some srichaha, garlic powder and nutritional yeast(it ends up tasting like szechuan green beans from a Chinese resturaunt). The combo has lots of fiber and vitamins. Another quick meal is Dr. Mcdougall Ramen cups I like the vegan Chicken best. All you do is add hot water and you get a filling ramen under 200 calories (it's like a organic healthy top ramen).
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    A lot of you guys pointed to bulk cooked soup as cheap/healthy/tasty/easy. So true! Plus soup also helps you stay hydrated, something I struggle with. But my aha moment came when I started quick-cooking single serving soup dinners... it tastes so much fresher and I can customize it according to what I feel like eating and how much I've exercised.

    The base for my soup is usually miso paste, chicken bouillon paste, or some of each. There is always a big slice of tofu and a green onion. I'll also add 2-3 more ingredients like garlic, small cutup pieces of lean beef (round tip roast on sale) or boneless chicken thigh, carrot, frozen peas, napa cabbage, frozen green beans, bag spinach, egg. The common thread with these ingredients is that they are cheap, keep pretty long in the fridge/freezer, all go together, cook very quickly, and require no peeling and just a little chopping. It's ready by the time it's boiling- almost as fast as reheating leftovers. I spice up the broth with either black pepper, korean chili powder or szechuan chili oil.

    On days I exercised a lot (I am an endurance athlete) I will sometimes have either some plain rice on the side or a potato with butter. If I'm having salmon (quick poached/steamed) or canned sardines, those are on the side too and maybe topped with more green onion and garlic.

    I know it sounds kind of Asian in spirit, and I definitely learned a lot about healthy traditions from Japan/Korea, but I'm caucasian and usually my meals taste pretty western to me. Today I'm having watermelon for dessert. I feel super full from all the water and protein in this meal and I want to eat it every day forever.
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    I made this tonight! I’m currently doing a ketogenic diet so this is a low carb meal but feel free to add a side of extra veggies or some brown rice!

    (Hopefully the url works, first time posting anything)


    It’s asparagus and provolone stuffed chicken! I found the recipe on the Tasty app which has a ton of healthy recipes that you can tweak to fit your lifestyle.

    Here’s the link:

    Hope this helps!
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    I made this tonight, and it was super cheap, even with the tiny bottle of red wine I bought for it for 1.99 (it only takes a half cup of wine, so airplane sized bottles are fine.)

    Savory Mushroom Stew

    I omitted the potato from the recipe and served it over garlic smashed potatoes. Total calories for heaping plate of food: 368. Total cost for the entire recipe plus the potatoes (made enough for 4 LARGE servings) approx $4.92.
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    I mix chopped veggies with tuna (half a pouch of albacore)and light italian salad dressing. I use it to top 5 ritz crackers and 1 cup fresh fruit. A glass of water and lemon wedge. Its surprisingly filling and extremely cheap to make
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    Slow cooker oatmeals are great, and they really help me out. They can be frozen in individual portions and can be customized to whatever you like/dietary needs. I use steel cut oats, primarily because I like the texture best, and add unsweetened dried cranberries or cherries, almond milk, some nutmeg (just a sprinkle), and top with sliced almonds. When I make the oatmeal, I include a dash of real vanilla extract (not imitation) and a dash of almond extract, along with some cinnamon and the dried berries. Cook, and enjoy!
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    i don't really have recipes, but in caes it helps here's how i roll:

    i buy stuff that seems healthy; mostly things that are just 'ingredients', without pre-added seasoning or whatever. tons of fruit and veggies - more than i can imagine eating when i'm in the grocery store on a sunday.

    and then i just focus on using it up. i don't enjoy grocery shopping much, so i find that that helps. when i'm faced with a choice between 'do something with what you already have' and 'go out and buy something else', i'll usually think of something to do with the stuff that i already have.

    if you're not used to cooking yet, however, i could suggest that you spend a little time following recipes. after a while you kind of get so used to what goes with what and how to combine them, that you can shuck the specific-recipe harness and just wing it most of the time.
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    Falafel salad, wraps, sandwiches... all the falafels
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    So I know it's not specific meals, but I highly recommend the app Mealime. I have been using it for months and love it!! It suggests recipes for you based on the specific ingredients you like. You can also specify any dietary restrictions. Their recipes are simple, yet delicious, and use real ingredients. It also creates a shopping list for you based on the dinners you choose for that week.

    For breakfasts, I like to switch between boiled eggs and fruit or yogurt parfaits. Lunch is usually some form of salad. I like to keep it simple haha.