What’s your reason why?

I am assuming that everyone has a reason for losing weight. Whether it be to feel confident, have kids, or simply be healthy- comment below yours!! :)


  • brittneyalley
    brittneyalley Posts: 274 Member
    To feel confident, to be a healthy role model for my child, to look good for my husband
  • Mycophilia
    Mycophilia Posts: 1,225 Member
    Being fat sucks.
  • kimmo1965
    kimmo1965 Posts: 2 Member
    Control my t2 diabetes with food not meds.
  • KeepRunningFatboy
    KeepRunningFatboy Posts: 3,055 Member
    A lifetime of being called Fatboy, being obese. Something about enough pain and change.
  • BryanHoffman74
    BryanHoffman74 Posts: 50 Member
    Want to feel better and control sugar levels.
  • Nomseys
    Nomseys Posts: 43 Member
    To be healthy, aware of what I’m eating, and to look my best.
  • seashellybob
    seashellybob Posts: 33 Member
    My wedding! Down 32 pounds from July 2017. I'm going to look so good April 2018
  • Lee_an
    Lee_an Posts: 12 Member
    I worked for an electrical contractor about 4 years ago. Left and went into work for myself for a few years. Somewhat recently I returned to that old job about... 3 months ago.

    I have 6, 7 co-workers and everyone cept for the boss commented on how fat i had gotten when i went back. Literally the first words i heard were about how much wieght i gained since my departure.

    I took it as a wake up call and got on-line and educated myself.

    52 mfp days later and I'm down 21lb and much closer to "normal". Currently 159 with a "healthy weight" being 147-144 for my hieght.

    The why wasn't so much for me, it was others, pretty much everyone elses unanimous opinion.
  • rheddmobile
    rheddmobile Posts: 6,840 Member
    My goal was controlling my diabetes. I was morbidly obese when I started, and am now the top end of normal weight. I have reduced my A1c from 11 (very high) to 4.7 (normal non-diabetic levels) and gotten off all meds but metformin, which the doctor said I could go off if I wanted to. I elected to stay on it for its appetite suppressing effects.
  • theabsentmindednurse
    Sick of walking around in this “Fatsuit”!
  • berryblonde
    berryblonde Posts: 18 Member
    45 and single with grown kids, it's "me" time. For my health, my self esteem, my outlook on the future, and my confidence. I'm refusing to let being middle aged mean I have to look OR act old and frumpy. I'm fighting back, getting my body back to where I'm happy and going to enjoy this 1 life given to me. B)
  • big_moke
    big_moke Posts: 12 Member
    Getting old, gotta get healthy
  • purplefizzy
    purplefizzy Posts: 594 Member
    My ‘power why’-
    When I’m strong and fit on the outside, it relflects who I am on the inside. I like having integrity of body and spirit.

    When I treat myself well in terms of basic food and movement management, it feeds itself. I carry myself well, Make better choices about how to spend my time (and who with) and I remember that self-care is a basic part of my recovery from various things.

    I like feeling springy and energetic- when I was heavier, I felt weighed down, slow, encumbered by my body. Now I feel enabled by it.

    I don’t miss the misery of trying to get clothes to ‘flatter’ my fat self. Now I can wear anything - literally, anything- and look like a fit and healthy person.

    I enjoy being a role model; people continuously tell me I inspire them to get back in the gym, to pay more attention to their intake, to eat more vegetables. This makes me happyyyy.