Slimming for my baby!

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Good Morning all,

So after TTC'ing for around 8 years today I have decided that I'm fed up of making excuses and fed up of feeling fed up!

So a little more about me;

- 28
- UK
- Married
- 280lbs (ish)

So we are starting fertility treatment in January and I know that I need to loose weight in order to get the best results. Lets face it, it's going to cost a fortune so why would I not want to try and make it work?

If I'm honest I have been in a difficult cycle of bingeing (yes, including secret eating) and I feel so pathetic that I can't do this small thing to help us start a family. I think the guilt in turn makes me binge further and we just continue to go round in a circle of self destruction.

Don't get me wrong, I have an amazing life! I am generally a positive person and nobody (I mean nobody) would ever be able to tell that underneath the surface I'm struggling.

So today, I am changing! I am going to begin a healthy lifestyle where I am accountable of what I put in my mouth...everyday! Not just for a week and then binge waiting for the next 'diet' to start again!

Today! Today is the day that I take control!

Feel free to join me on this journey, I need all the support I can get it! You don't need to be doing it for the same reasons, we can still support each other!


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    Hello, my name is Jessica. Good luck with your goals, you have some great motivation to keep you going when it starts to get tough.
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    I just want to say welcome and tell you that it is possible to stop the bingeing and secret eating. Use your food diary. Get it out in the open (you don't have to share your diary, but log and assess, for yourself). Pay attention to how portions and food choices makes you feel - before, while and after you eat. You want to eat enough, but not too much, and do it consistently, so don't try to deprive yourself. Plan meals you want to eat. Schedule meals that fit into your day, don't try to make your day fit into some random diet schedule. Buy just what you need for the meals you planned, and get cooking. Don't be afraid of any foods, food groups or nutrients, instead, aim to balance your meals so that they are amazing and delicious and just to your liking.
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    hey!! welcome welcome welcome, im also from the UK! feel free to add me for support, and great job on making the decision to start your journey. remember it will all be worth it in the end!
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    You can do it! Part of my weight loss journey was because I wanted a healthy pregnancy too (no kids yet though). It all started with calorie counting and eating better.. then I incorporated exercise. I had set backs of eating too much of course, but don't beat yourself up too badly over that. Remember that it's okay to eat. Scheduling and planning meals was a big help for me, and I used MFP to keep myself accountable for everything I eat. I managed to lose 80 pounds and since only gained back about 3 or so since I'm trying to build muscle now.

    It's possible, and you can do it :3
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    Hay im also losing weight for a baby, im New on here! N looking for new friends.. im 28 , married, n from New Zealand, feel free to add me, we all need to support n motivate each other :smile: God bless n good luck on your journey
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    Good luck!
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    I encourage you to get some counseling for your bingeing issues. They are not small and difficult to conquer on your own. Good luck to you.
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    Hi! I've recently had a major lifestyle change day 11 of clean eating now feel free to add me! :) I'm also looking to lose weight before ttc next year.
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    Good luck!