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    I pointed out elsewhere that I did this mainly to 'detox' my habits and nothing else. I lost 5 lbs in 3 weeks, this was not the quick loss plan for me because i was still eating food and making sure i had snacks available. I needed to do something to get fruits and vegs into my diet, help me plan/prepare, not take up a ton of room at work, and have a clear *end* and transition.

    The big thing was in using the MFP food diary, I could see the difference between not-smoothies and smoothies. The amount of sugar in the smoothies from fruit kicks me either to the limit of 60 grams a day or over - and then if I eat anything else? Way over. It was eye opening because before MFP/Smoothies I was not eating well and I dread to think what my sugar intake was just from soda.

    It is a tool, but not a long term tool. You have to do the work outside of this one thing to keep moving forward or it's just another gimmick. Gimmicks don't lose weight or get fit.
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    Like Peanutbuttertuesday mentioned, you don't pay for any additives for the cleanse. It's fruit, veggies, flaxseeds, water, plus protein if you choose. I think I paid like... $8 for the book? and use my nutribullet.

    I don't disagree with the idea that detoxing is stupid, I'm just saying that it can be a good jumping off point for people like me. If this was all I was doing? I'd be setting myself up to fail.
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    Not gonna lie; there's a fitness club opened up near me and they've got bottles of this in the window. Side-eyeing them so hard. (I know, I know; just because they sell the stuff doesn't mean that the fitness instructors don't know their stuff. But it gives me a great deal of pause...)


    I STILL dont understand how juice rids your body of toxins and strengthens your immune system.

    $60 for a 1 day cleanse.
    $350 for a 7 day cleanse.


    Obviously money is a filthy toxin and must be cleansed from the wallet.

    Do you have any idea how many peoples filthy hands have touched those 20$ bills? you should probably just give them to me for safe disposal.

    ...but the $1's...

    You don't know where those ones have been.

    I DO know where they've been...thats the problem.

    Offering plates
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    Ive the cleanse and i can say it gets your bowels moving and moves inches from your waist. I noticed it didnt change the junk food crazings i had. But the smoothies i do drink for breakfast and are a good way to consume veggies.

    you lost inches because it cleaned you out it didnt remove fat.I experience the same thing when I eat a lot of fiber
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    If the smoothies (blended whole vegetables, no fiber removed as in "juicing") sound appealing to you guys, try them out!

    Friends of mine have had "green drink" of blended vegetables every morning for a couple years. Honestly, theirs has pineapple or pineapple juice, so loooots of sugar. Natural sugar, but sugar all the same. It's a big volume of food reduced to a glass and they use it to supplement meals (not as meal replacement) to incorporate more vegetables in their diet.

    I enjoy eating vegetables, and much much prefer eating them to drinking them. And I don't like my vegetables sweetened, but that's my preference. So I wouldn't like it but to each their own. If you try it and like it and it helps you eat the vegetables you need, maybe have one a couple days a week. I would not use it to replace meals because... macros. And I certainly wouldn't replace ALL meals much less all meals for several days. It just sounds monotonous and I'd be so hungry without fat & protein. You might enjoy them more as a regular snack than as a grueling "cleanse." I'm not being negative, just practical. Good luck whatever you choose!
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    I did the 10 day cleanse. I'm glad I did it, at the time...but I have no desire or plan to do it again. There were some benefits to the cleanse, though: (1) I learned new smoothie recipes. (2) I learned that drinking smoothies all day is WACK! (3) I learned how to incorporate smoothies into my healthy diet, not make them a diet, and (4) I gained some self control. At the end of the 10 days, I think I was 10 pounds lighter, but as I went back to eating 'normal' (not unhealthy foods, either), I was up five pounds. So I guess I actually lost 5 pounds of actual fat, I don't know.
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    I hope you DID the cleanse!

    Most likely everyone who replied never bothered to pick up this book, if they had they'd know:

    A- she a nutritionist
    B - The first thing she says is the cleanse is not a weight-loss program.
    C - this program helps reset your body's cravings. If you're a sugar-holick this is absolutely necessary.
    D- You can eat as many of the healthy snacks as you want during the cleanse.

    But yes you do spend some time in the bathroom because it's cleaning out the built up waste.

    I no longer drink coffee with all that artificial sweetener as I have more energy than I've ever had.

    If you're on FB join the discussion groups, you'll be amazed.

    Notes: add the protein - I like garden of life.
    Add collagen - your skin hair nails will be beautiful! Plan your snacks!

    Doctor was amazed with my blood work results too!

    So in short don't do this if you think you'll drop 20 lbs in 20 days .... Do this if you want to change your eating habits and become the most healthy beautiful person that you can be. Buy both of her books!

    A- Then she needs to go back to wherever she qualified and get a refund.
    B- But she's probably well aware that people use it for that function.
    C- That's... literally... so... do... you know what a smoothie is??? It's basically liquid sugar!
    D- Then you'd get the same results eating 'healthy' food and adding a couple of smoothies, wouldn't you, by that logic?
    E- No, it's not 'cleaning out built up waste'. If you actually had that much waste in you, you'd have serious health issues. If you're that constipated that your poop stays in for that long, you ought to see a doctor. You poop a lot drinking only smoothies because they're basically just sugar and fibre. I'm no doctor, but that doesn't sound good for your digestive system.
    F- Nothing wrong with artificial sweeteners.
    G- If you have to add the protein yourself because the diet doesn't have any, then it's not a good diet.
    H- I'm going to run out of letters at this rate! Your bloodwork probably would have also improved if you just ate healthy foods in a calorie deficit and lost weight.

    So basically... you revived a necro thread just to plug this lady's woo books? A cleanse is unnecessary. Eat a balanced diet within a calorie range to reach your goals.
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    A- she a nutritionist

    She is not an RD. According to her website, she "received her certification as Nutritionist from the Institute of Holistic Healing." Unclear what that is, as there are a number of "institutions" with that name, but it doesn't sound that reputable.

    She claims to have invented her cleanse to help her recover from swallowing a filling, which is, well, bizarre.
    C - this program helps reset your body's cravings. If you're a sugar-holick this is absolutely necessary.

    Person above said it didn't change her cravings, and I'm not sure why it would.

    I changed my tastes somewhat by just focusing on the kinds of foods I wanted to eat and crave (this was some years ago). Mainly by learning to cook vegetables well and experimenting with lots of seasonal ingredients.

    I do like some smoothies, though. Made a huge one for breakfast today and am going to finish it (it was bigger than intended) with lunch, although I will have real food with it. It was a banana, lots of spinach, half an avocado, some almonds, some acorn squash, water, and some of that Garden of Life protein powder you recommended (I like it for a vegan protein powder, it was vanilla flavored). Probably going to be one of the sweeter things I consume today, so beats me how it possibly could break sugar-holism, but of course that's not a real thing.

    I see 0 point in "cleanses." But she's riding a trend and making some money as a result. Good for her, I guess.
    But yes you do spend some time in the bathroom because it's cleaning out the built up waste.

    Cleaning out built up waste is not a real thing.
    I no longer drink coffee with all that artificial sweetener as I have more energy than I've ever had.

    I love coffee, it's tasty. Don't see why anyone would sweeten it, as IMO coffee is supposed to be non-sweet, but whatever people enjoy.
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    I'm not a dietician, but I am a lifelong medical biologist and chemist, and I agree with the above comments that "cleansing" diets are not necessary, and possibly not healthy depending on what macros you are getting and what unregulated supplements are included. Fruits and vegetables are great as long as you get plenty of protein and some fats along with them. Turning them into a green smoothie doesn't make them any healthier than eating them whole, and psychologically I prefer eating my meals to drinking them most of the time. I think so many people burn out on "dieting" because they put too many unusual demands on their bodies and their minds trying to eat "healthy", when all it really takes is a balanced diet of mostly wholesome foods kept under the amount of calories your body burns. Logging calories really works for keeping within a deficit. Good luck with whatever you decide. It obviously won't kill you, and hopefully not mess up your intestinal flora balance. I'd just hope I wouldn't start pigging out on everything I deprived myself of, once I was done with the 10 day torture.
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    I don’t believe in cleanses, but I do like cleansing my body natural with whole food plant based foods and lots of water... Eating better over time is pouring water into a glass of soda and it eventually turning clear again from the right things.

    I know I probably won't get an answer, but cleanse it from what, exactly? Does your liver not work?
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    People just love this "cleanse" concept (you could probably add in the attraction to "clean eating" as a descriptor). Someone should research and write something on the psychological reasons for that, it's kind of interesting.