Weight loss advice

Im gaining weight again,, from 71kg-58kg.... And now im 62kg... :( My new job is really hectic, im stress and tired that i cant exercise and eat the same way again:(


  • aisaseno
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    Any helpful advice on how can i get back on the track to lose weight?
  • TeaBea
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    You summed it up nicely - you can't eat the same way again. But small changes may be enough to maintain your weight loss. Can you eat an extra serving (or two) of veggies everyday? These (mostly) low calorie, high volume foods could take the place of calorie dense items. Can you park farther away from your office, can you make a point to take the stairs whenever possible? Bumping up your activity level will help your body use more calories.

    Start with small (less stressful) changes.
  • aisaseno
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    Thank you TeaBea for your wonderful advice. I will always remember that.
    "start with small changes"
    Thats totally made my day:)
    Thanks for being nice...:)
  • dwilliamca
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    Are you still logging your calories? I quit once during a really stressful time and ended up putting 30 lbs. back on which I'm now trying to lose again. So my advice is don't quit logging even in maintenance, and find healthy foods that you can make work for you during this stressful period. I do a lot of stir-fries of vegetables and a protein which are low calorie, quick to make, and very packable to take to work and microwave. You lost weight before so you know what you need to do. Just don't let stress get in the way and cause you to grab quick, high calorie snacks just to eat something. If exercise is too much right now, then keep your focus on eating within your deficit and worry about adding exercise later.
  • theabsentmindednurse
    If you are in a stressful environment than planning is essential.
    Packing high protein healthy meals and snacks for work. Staying hydrated and having easy to prepare meals in the fridge for dinner.
    If you make casseroles or stews make extra and freeze for later.
    Buy frozen steamed vegetables and fish. A nourishing meal in minutes.
    And stay positive.
    You have all the tools to achieve your goals.
    Just take it one day at a time!
  • pogiguy05
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    You need to pre make meals to take with you during the week. Get a set of glass travel dishes to use daily and then store your pre made meals in zip lock bags in the freezer. Just take them out and put them in the glass container.