#1 rule for losing weight?

Hey, I'm interested in hearing the best rule of thumb for losing fat! Is it burning more calories than you consume? Avoiding bread and pasta? Avoiding sugar? Working out at a certain time? Time between meals? Taking supplements? Thanks


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    looking both ways before you cross is the number one rule.
    just kidding. I think most people here will agree that calories in calories out is the number one rule in weight loss. Through a combination of moving more and eating less. Good luck!

    Yep, agreed 100%. Also the best thing to pair with this to ensure you're maximizing fat loss and minimizing muscle loss is to do some kind of strength/resistance training at least a couple times a week. You don't need to become a bodybuilder or anything, but this type of training will help with your metabolism and body shape as you lose fat.

    Good luck to you!
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    sure that's true it works on the other hand
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    Burning more than you consume. Like they say, weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise.

    1. Weight loss supplements are a scam.
    2. Avoiding bread and pasta: If you’re a coeliac or gluten intolerant then go for it. If you are intending to build muscle then your body will absolutely need carbs. Gluten are not bad for you unless you’re allergic.
    3. Eating at certain times will, again, only work in a calorie deficit.
    4. Avoiding sugar: Not necessarily. Consider reducing your refined sugar intake, yes (because sugar is high calorie and can cause cravings (body on a high, wants more sugar to continue said high) which in essence lead to a calorie surplus: the reason for weight gain.

    So yes, my point is: avoid fad diets and weight loss pills/potions. Eat what you want but less of it, and teach yourself to gradually adopt healthier options in to your normal diet and lifestyle.
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    No matter how you choose to lose weight (low carb, low fat, keto, Atkins, etc) its all about CICO and being honest with your calorie intake. I hear so often "I don't eat that much, but I can't lose weight". 99.9% of the time it has to do with not being honest with what you are consuming. Its rare that someone knows what a tablespoon of peanut butter, an oz of cheese and a glass of wine really mean.
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    not all supplements are scams jim stopponi jym line are well respected...i use it and it has helped me greatly
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    You can't lose weight without burning more calories than you consume. So 'CICO' is definitely the number 1.

    It's easiest for the most part to eat less than to burn more.
    Doing exercise has other benefits, however :).

    As you specify losing fat - keep your protein levels up and if you can, do some resistance training to help maintain muscle rather than burning that too.
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    I eat so much bread and pasta and still losing 3 pounds a week....

    I strongly believe weight loss is 100% calories in versus calories out.
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    Absent medical conditions that screw things up, eating fewer calories than your body uses in a day is the #1 rule for weight loss. There are a lot of different things that can help a person stick to that, but those things are highly individual and you can play around and see what fits best for you. Anyone who tells you that you must eat in a certain way or must take supplements or must change your meal timings doesn't understand how weight loss works. Get in a calorie deficit somehow, however works best for you. From there you can play around with different things and see what you like best.
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    Basically, my treats aren't cheats. They're choices. I can choose to make them fit, I can choose to pass them up, or I can choose to go over my calories and reach my goal weight a day or too later. But I no longer think of them as 'things I can't have'. They're 'things that might be a little expensive for my food budget and I need to think a little about how badly I want them'.

    This is huge and is the #1 reason why this system works for me where any previous attempts at weight loss did not. Despite tracking intake I don't have to completely give up pizza or ice cream or any of the other things I love to eat, I just have to work them in to my calorie totals - which isn't actually that hard if I'm only going to have those sorts of treats once or twice a week, and I'm doing cardio to burn extra calories.

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    Noel_57 wrote: »
    check out dr jason fungs obiesty code....

    ...along with The Shining, the Lord of the Rings, and other great works of fiction. :p
    Although none of them are very good for weight loss.

    I don't like horror so I'm not going to bother with the Shining or the Obesity code. LOTR though is a good read.
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    check out dr jason fungs obiesty code....

    fung has been basically debunked and I lost most of my weight and fat eating high carb low fat because I have a health issue. so for me low fat and cholesterol,high fiber diet is what works. I lost a LOT of fat and still continue to lose it.I do IF 16:8 most days, but even when I dont fast I lose the same amount of weight as I do when fasting. high fat for me is a no no since with my condition my body cannot properly break down fats and cholesterol so it gets stored(even in a deficit) through my body as fat pads and also in my arteries. my body also signals to make more cholesterol as well. so for me it was all about a calorie deficit and still continues to be.

    so according to the quack I should still be obese because I dont eat high fat low carb? I have no insulin issues either and I eat lots of carbs including refined ones. and my health markers and blood panels have all improved