Nipples pierced



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    Yes it hurts but more sore then anything
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    I had them pierced in my younger days, I didn't really find it hurt that much, I kinda liked the pain :D

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    I had them pierced in my younger days, I didn't really find it hurt that much, I kinda liked the pain :D

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    I'm wanting to get my nipple pierced but not too sure whether it's worth the pain or not? Any experiences would be great :)
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    I wouldn’t know.

    Keep your eye on this thread. You'll learn a lot.

    This girl likes hers!! Doesn't seem to cause her pain. Even with the weights attached.
    :D Your welcome.
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    Had both done, hurt like *kitten* TBH

    Getting them done didn’t hurt nearly as much as having one ripped out playing Football :D
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    I'm kinda wondering if nipple size contributes to how much pain you experience lol
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    OH DO IT!
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    and down there is even more pleasurable.
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    and down there is even more pleasurable.

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    I had mine done twice in both nipple and my major recommendations are: have them done with a straight barbell, invest in a good comfy bra to sleep in, and stop using shower poufs until you are used to having the new piercings. You'll be amazed what can get snagged on there! I did really enjoy having them but my first one (horizontal) was done with a captive bead ring and I believe that the bra pushing on the bottom side of it made it try to reject (I am a D cup but I would imagine smaller cup sizes aren't as bad). I swapped to a barbell and stopped having problems. I had the vertical one done soon after that and loved having them both BUT the tissue between the two bars eroded away. I never had sensitivity problems or any major benefits from them (honestly, my IUD did more for nipple sensitivity than they did!) but I loved how they looked. Just keep in mind that you will snag them on things and the first time you drag a crusty through into the hole, you will regret EVERYTHING. You can possibly have problems with breast feeding due to scar tissue so, if you are fertile, whether you want kids or not at this time, keep that in mind. As far as cleaning, stick with sea salt soaks and do not agitate it too much. Just rinse off the outsides. And, above all else, go somewhere reputable! Don't risk your nips on some back alley piercer.
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    it's not bad. I have had worse like my tongue that one hurt but it healed in a week
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    I came here to see pierced nipples....


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    I have both mine done, it hurt like a mother.... f.... I almost donkey kicked the chick piercing my nips. lol... This is the second time I have had it done. Dont get the open horse shoe type. they do get caught and it hurts. Mine took about 3 months to totally heal. Its not for everyone, but if you like go for it...
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    I just have my left one done, worth it