Down 25 lbs since July!

Weightlifting 3x a week and running 3x a week, and eating healthy with MyFitnessPal!


  • sweedee1218
    sweedee1218 Posts: 98 Member
    Great Job!!
  • cbeutler
    cbeutler Posts: 667 Member
    Very nice
  • pogiguy05
    pogiguy05 Posts: 1,583 Member
  • dsboohead
    dsboohead Posts: 1,900 Member
    You arent fluffy anymore :)
  • Styggian
    Styggian Posts: 465 Member
    Nice fitness routine, congrats on losing 25lbs
  • aganey
    aganey Posts: 501 Member
    You look great! How long did it take you to lose the 25 pounds? I am also lifting 3x a week and doing cardio 3x a week. I just started so my weight has only stayed the same, but my husband said he can tell my back side is starting to firm up. I need to lose more than 25 pounds but I would like to know how long it took you for the 25.
  • mhocut
    mhocut Posts: 11 Member
    great work, keep up the trend
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