I've binge eaten and I am now gaining back my lost weight.

I weighed 177.8 this Sunday. I've been doing a good job in not gaining back the weight I lost until this week.

This week, I did binge eat fast food on Monday (which was mostly from Panera Bread), which was a breakfast sandwich from Chick Fil A, some soup from Panera bread and a small loaf of bread, and a Subway Sandwich for dinner. Yesterday, I had a souffle for breakfast (the 436 cal one). Then, my job had a friends-giving and I had one big plate and two small plates of finger food. No fast food that day. Today, I had a small souffle for breakfast (which is around 436 calories) and chicken noodle soup and a small loaf of bread. I also had a pack of sun chips and some pound cake today.

I checked the scale and I weigh 184 from the last few days. With Thanksgiving coming tomorrow, I feel as though I've butchered all my effort of not gaining all the 10 pounds back I lost.

I've also been slacking off on my exercising due to graduate school getting too demanding (I finish this semester in 3 more weeks). I do want to go back to exercising next week to at least detox myself of the gained weight, but I feel stupid for ruining my weight loss.


  • myfitnesspale3
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    Salt is a factor that increases water retainage. But if you are eating more bread than usual then you will retain additional water to digest the bread carbs.
  • JCT1000
    JCT1000 Posts: 19 Member
    Just agreeing with others comments on sodium. I'm a big fan of Panera, but when I got back to logging on MFP I was blown away by the amount of sodium in their food. One thing, too, that has helped me is to really limit the useless calorie rich side carbs - the Panera loaf, chips, or at other FF places, fries.
  • ritzvin
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    As others said, that'll be almost all water retention...there's a ridiculously huge pile of salt in the items you listed.
  • kaciemennie
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    I’m late to the party- but did you find it was water retention when you got back on track?

    You can do it! You’re not stupid!