Fat to Fit- 1 year progress

tyboinc1 Posts: 25 Member
Good afternoon all! I’ve been a MFP user for nearly a year and it’s really helped to reel myself in. I am a former NFL football player and found myself around 6 years removed and totally spiraling out of control. I am 6’5 so I obviously hold/hide weight differently than others. Last Summer I was up to my heaviest ever at 340, had high BP for the first time in my life, and was utterly sad and disgusting. I started small (use to do 45 mins of post workout cardio for fun, and figured I’d jump back in. 3 mins later I thought I was going to die lol) and began counting calories and slowly incorporating my old workout regime. I’ve since got back to full blown workouts and cardio sessions and I feel like a completely new man again! I will be 32 this year and I really feel like I’m getting back into my prime. I’m weighing between 275-285 in the updated photos Will post more updates in a couple months when I can. Hopefully I can inspire someone to get back to what they once were, or to show them where they can get to. Have a blessed day everyone!!