I don’t get what happened

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I don’t get it! I use to work out 2-3 times a week and got down to a size 12 ( yes, that is small for what I’ve always been). One day I decided to not go “rest day” and never went back! I fell into late night snacking and a slight depression. This has just made my weight go up and back to the size 16 I sooooo much dreading being at. I was happy being a size 12, I was happy fitting in clothes comfortably for once. And for some reason I am lacking the motivation to go back. I know I can’t make excuses and to just do it, but yet I still put it on the back burner. I drink so much water and try to fit in some exercises at home. I also track my food intake and try to eat healthier than I use to, but Its still not getting me anywhere. I’m hoping tomorrow after work I choose to drive to the gym instead of driving home. I need to lose around 100 lbs... that should be motivation enough right there.


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    I don't know if this is any help to you, but I had a very hard time starting and sticking with any kind if a plan for more than a few months at a time, for most of my life. But when I started taking medication that helped with depression and sleeping disorders I suddenly had the energy, focus and lack of brain fog that I never knew I didn't have before. Maybe it's something similar for you? A medical condition,or depression that is affecting you more and differently than you realize?
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    I listen to this video at least once a day, sometimes more. I know, crazy... I need the constant reminder or I fall back into a path-of-least-resistance decision making. Maybe it will help you.

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    @greenlizard72 - thank you for posting that video! That puts it perfectly! I am going to save it for future reminders.
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    ... What you need to do, is to eat fewer calories than you burn, for real, consistently, all the way until you reach goal weight, and then eat at maintenance. This means that you have to pick genuine database entries, log the exact amount you eat, never leaving anything out, and not give up because it "doesn't seem to work". Weightloss is a slow process that takes dedication, knowledge, patience. self-love, and trusting the process....

    ^^ THIS TIMES A ZILLION. I need to read this every day. Copying it into my hard copy journal. Thank you @kommodevaran
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    Thank you everyone for the info! I will definitely take each one into serious account and not stop at anything to reach my goal!