Fasting? Anyone? Anyone?

Anyone fasting for 24 hours or more ? If so, why? Blood sugar reasons? Weight loss? etc....?


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    Anyone fasting for 24 hours or more ? If so, why? Blood sugar reasons? Weight loss? etc....?

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    That sounds awful.
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    If this question is against forum rules, how do i delete it ?
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    A one day fast is not going to harm a person. I wouldn't do it, mind you, but that's because it wouldn't work for me (restricted eating times aren't my style) not because it's so dangerous. I have a friend who fasts once per week for religious reasons and has for years without any issue.
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    This is a very controversial topic, I'm fully expected to get woo'd here, but what the heck. I have anecdotal experience to add.

    I decided to try a 3-day liquid fast (broths, diet drinks, tea) just to see if I could do it. I'd read some articles about the science of autophagy and purported health benefits of fasting. There ARE studies out there - most of them are done on rats and mice though, so it's hard to judge their accuracy. It's definitely a growing field.

    First day was surprisingly easy, second day was rough, third day was a little easier. It mostly just got weird feeling so empty all the time and it was hard to sleep with an empty stomach. I had enough energy to bounce off the walls the first 2 days. Third day I was starting to feel tired.

    After breaking my fast? Felt fine. I actually felt a nice psychological shift in how I thought about food. Before the fast, I felt really controlled by my hunger. Being hungry was bad, and I needed to eat immediately to make it go away. After the fast, it was easier to shrug off hunger and remind myself it's fine to feel a hunger pang and wait to eat till the next meal. It also made sticking to my IF schedule a heck of a lot easier.

    Will I do it again? Meh. Who knows. Whatever benefits I might've received were so short-lived that I don't know if it's really worth it. I know some people do monthly fasts, but I don't really care to do something like that.

    Same principle with the potato hacking, it helps your mental relationship with food to remove the palatability for a bit. And potatoes are very satiating so hunger is not an issue. And you can intermittent fast on the hack.
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    I have not looked into "potato hacking" and this is OT but I really like raw potatoes >_<
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    I've been reading a lot about fasting recently, and am planning on trying the feast-fast protocol described in the links below, which calls for a 24 hour fast after a day eating at or over maintenance. My primary reason is that I already have one or two days a week where I eat over my calories, but as I've lost weight (almost 40 lbs this year) I'm starting to get to where I'll need to cut my calories back to keep up a moderate rate of loss (about a pound a week, nothing crazy - I've got a bit over 30 to go to a "normal" BMI). I am already eating moderately low calories during the work week to offset the spike day and don't like the idea of going any lower. And after almost a year of dieting, I've learned that I really enjoy letting loose at least one day a week and don't want to restrict those nights in order to keep up my deficit. So, the plan is to try fasting from when I go to bed Saturday night (that is, Sunday morning) until dinner-time on Sunday, probably totaling between 14-16 hours. If that works well, I'd plan to extend the fast through Monday morning, which would probably end up being 24-30 hours. That's step two, though.
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    After breaking my fast? Felt fine. I actually felt a nice psychological shift in how I thought about food.

    I've done very low carb a few times when starting weight loss for the same reason -- it changes your focus on food, particularly carbs if desire for them is a problem for you. Christians, Moslems, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists all fast for religious reasons, and have been doing so for thousands of years. But that has a different purpose than fasting for weight loss. My guess is that a day or two here and there isn't going to do any harm (but I wouldn't expect it will "supercharge" your weight loss either), but three days seems a bit over the top to me.
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    I don’t eat breakfast.