Hi everyone!

Hi everyone, I’m Kate!
I’m 20 years old and a third year uni student in york, after writing assignments and sitting around a lot I’ve managed to gain a stone, I am unhappy with my weight and how I look - especially when undressed - to the point that I have to do something about it.


  • wolfruhn
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    Welcome Kate! You can do it :smile: Just make a start then one day at a time and you will surely get it done.
  • jbarry1506
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    Hey Kate! Everyone goes through stages. Congratulations on making the choice to stay healthy early on! If you want some motivation, a cheerleader, someone to talk to, or someone to ask advice of (I'm not a trainer or dietician), I'm happy to help. Feel free to add me. Cheers, Jim
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    awesome job on making it to be a third year in university. you can do this! if you want you can add me.
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    Welcome, you go this
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