Women 50+?

Hi there:

What an awesome site. I have been away from it for a very long time but now I'm back! Need/want to lose another 35-40 pounds. I'm over 50 (will be 51 this year...yikes!) and find that the weight is coming off much slower than ever. Trying to increase my exercise as well in hopes that will help.
Anyone else in a similar situation? I love reading everyone's stories on the message boards. Some are so inspirational. I would love to hear from women who are specifically in my age group
I became a Grandmother for the first time last year and I want to ensure that I am around for a very long time to get to know my grandaughter and to be able to be healthy and mobile enough to enjoy time with her. This is my motivation.

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  • Alicia09NYC
    Alicia09NYC Posts: 34 Member
    hi Deb!!
    welcome back, keep loging your food and dont give up..i am going to be 54 this year and I am determined the get to my goal before my high-school reunion this oct...so if you need a pal here I am..
  • janemartin02
    janemartin02 Posts: 2,653 Member
    There`s an awesome group of women 50 +in a forum.All struggling with wt loss after 50.
    Come join us.
    Look up women 50 and it should come up on the topics .
    Good luck
  • thurberj
    thurberj Posts: 528 Member
    I'm in the same boat, in fact before I joined MFP , I think my metabolism was at a complete standstill. Added to the fact that I was 30-40lbs. overweight, I am 4'11" so 1 lb. on me is like 2lbs. on most others. I love the support on this site as well as how easy it is to track food and exercise. I work in a school, so i have used this summer to kick start my new lifestyle with healthy eating and more exercise. I've been working with a trainer who has a background in nutrition and that has helped a great deal. I'll be back to work in 1 week, but I feel like I am on a roll so that I can politely refuse the birthday cupcakes and cookie cakes that the little ones bring in.

    Feel free to add me as a friend:-) Good luck and congrats on being a grandma....my daughters are married, but I have not had that pleasure yet.:smile:
  • tobybear
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    Welcome. I signed up for this a long time ago but never use it. As of July 25 I started again and have lost 5 pounds, which is exciting to me. I have been doing my exercises every night, at least 2 mile walk, because I feel guilty if I don't, plus it helps with my food intake. You can add me if you want to.

    Good Luck.
  • HI, I just turned 51 & am wanting to shed a few pounds myself! Interested in joining this group my age. New here so how do I sign up or add this to my topics? Thanks everyone!
  • azsuzi
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    Hello! I'm 52, have an 18 year old son and have been married for 32 years. I joined MFP in April, but had been tracking my calories on my own since February. So far, I've lost nearly 40 pounds!! I love the support that I have on this site - and a lot of it comes from folks much younger than me! Its really refreshing to interact with their youthful energy. Feel free to friend me if you want - and welcome back!
  • jcbernahl
    jcbernahl Posts: 61 Member
    I know exactly how you feel. I turned 50 this year and it seems like my metabolism came to a screeching halt! I joined in May but have just now really started logging. I think I had to gear myself up and get in the right mind frame. But all that matters is I'm there now!! Feel free to add me. Good luck to all of us!
  • dafoots0911
    dafoots0911 Posts: 349 Member
    Welcome, I'm 52 and when I found this site I was, seee ya Weightwatchers. So I saved money. I have been pretty active most of my life but once I hit 50 it was harder to lose weight. I was about 20 to 25 pounds overweight. I'm 5'4 and my goal weight is 130. I started out at 155 and have lost 8lbs since joining MFP in late June of this year. I also decided to try the Supreme 90 Day workout and have lost inches. I have not done my measurements in a while but I can see the fat turning to toned muscle and me likey. You may ad me as a friend if you'd like and hopefully all of us 50 plus ladies can motivate each other. I need all the motivation I can get.
    If any of you ever get a chance, google Earnestine Shepard. 75-year-old body builder and that woman is my motivation. Check it out. Have a great day.
  • dafoots0911
    dafoots0911 Posts: 349 Member
    HI, I just turned 51 & am wanting to shed a few pounds myself! Interested in joining this group my age. New here so how do I sign up or add this to my topics? Thanks everyone!
    Hi Janilee, I think once you post, it goes into your topics.
  • jankaf
    jankaf Posts: 4 Member
    Just started today .... like you I'm 51 - new glamma and wanting to be fit and healthy to be able to be an active part of my granddaughter's life. It's difficult with the changes menopause brings...despite being careful with calories I'm continuing to get rounder and rounder (and not in the right places!) I think my love of red wine doesn't help the situation.

    I'm going to commit to this - life is too short to intentionally take away years so I have to get healthy.

  • tobybear
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    Boy I feel old, I'm 57. LOL.
  • Cmarrington
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    I'll be 51 Oct. 1 and would like to join the fabulous and 50 crowd here. Not sure how to do it, but maybe by replying I'll get in the loop. Started actually using my gym membership in the mornings again... but not sure this flat tire around my middle is going to budge anytime soon.
  • skinnyme47
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    Welcome back! :happy:
  • Sammyk50
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    Yeah, welcome back and good luck. I will be 51 in January! add me if you would like :)
  • 2youngatheart
    2youngatheart Posts: 338 Member
    It is harder when you are in the 50's ...but it is steady...just keep up the work...welcome back...and feel free to add me if you like....I am 57 :flowerforyou:
  • SMarie10
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    I just turned 50 and love MFP. My diary is open for anyone who likes to peek. I get some of my best food ideas from other's diaries, and when good recipes get posted. Good luck - 50 is the new 30
  • danlyn
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    I am also in this group, turning 52 in October. I've been on this site since Jan 2011, but have not done as well as I've liked. Lots of things contributing to this, but really no good excuses. I'm part of an extremely supportive group that focuses on one week mini goals and that has been an inspirational group to me. Please add me as a friend so we can help motivate each other. I'm coming off a terrible week and looking forward to getting back into a good routine. I also work in an elementary school and Tuesday is my first day back with the kids. Hopefully this routine will help me.

    Best wishes on your journey!!!
  • Hi Ladies!

    Yes, in the same boat. I'll turn 51 on 10/4 and I don't want to have this extra 20 pounds on my body for my November 25th anniversary cruise.

    This past year I could literally see my middle expanding.

    Last Monday I went back to Weight Watchers and hope that will make the difference. I was also going to Curves religiously until Hurricane Irene messed up my momentum.

    Going to weigh in for WW Week 1 Monday morning and then head straight to Curves.

    Good Luck Everyone!

    Feel free to add me as a friend as well. We ALL can use support!!!

  • naptural1
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    Hi just joined today! I turned 55 in August...hard to believe. Losing weight now is a lot harder but Im determined to get it done! Baby Boomers Unite!
  • naptural1
    naptural1 Posts: 15 Member
    Hi I just cancelled my WW subscription after losing 32 pounds! Its a great program but I wanted to finish up on my own. Good Luck to You!