still having knee and shin pain



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    If someone was experiencing pain in knees and shins after walking at similar weight as my current weight, can you point out at what weight did you stop getting the pain ?

    When I was 250 I thought that I needed to lose 20 lbs to get this issue resolved, but unfortunately it did not

    I had horrible pain at my highest of 305. It want away at around 190.

  • I was 230 and starting to get knee pain, I'm 219 now and it's going away.
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    I'm 150lbs and I get shin pain when I do too many jumping jacks, or go running after a long break.

    It's important to start slow and ease your way in - even if it's just walking!
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    When I was 115 lbs. I got shin splints running. That is not related to weight. You may be getting the shin splints since you jumped into walking 30-40 minutes just off the couch. I started MFP at 237 lbs. and I'm now 204 (female). I had knee pain occasionally for the last few years between 220-237 lbs. --not exercising, just walking normally and going down stairs. It is really a lot of impact over 200 lbs. At 204 I really feel a difference and rarely have knee pain but still do not go down stairs often. I don't want to push it. I walk 40-90 minutes per day without any pain now, but I was never inactive. I set goals myself with impact exercise--that I will add when I get to certain weights. I mostly just walked and swam at the higher weights. Now I'm starting to add more fitness classes. I do not plan to jog or run until I get down to 170 lbs. (My GW is 137).

    As a 20 something male, you will probably be able to run at a higher weight without problems than me, but I agree with the others that you should start slower. Also check with the orthopedist/pediatrist. Not all shoes are the same and you may need a different kind of shoe, and/or there might be something internal going on (not weight related).

    Also are you stretching after your walks? When my knee was bothering me I made sure to hydrate and also stretch quads and hamstrings. If the muscles are too tight that can also misalign the knee.
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    I can still get shin pain if I start running too fast even on a track that I run each week because my warm up usually consists of walking from the car to the start line. I also got some the other day because I wore hiking sandals on a walk instead of my normal runners. My running club changes location each week so some weeks its hilly or dirt or sand which uses leg muscles differently.

    Make sure you warm up and stretch when your done. Compression type long socks can help with recovery. Some people wear them while running others put them on afterwards. Try massage or ice after exercise. Different things work for different people.

    Build up your walks, not every walk has to be 30-45 mins. A 5-10 min walk the day after or even that day will help get the blood flowing which helps recovery. Initially I got pain during every run but being consistent with exercise was the biggest help. I only run twice a week but also walk a couple of times a week.

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    What kind of a doctor did you see? A sports doctor, maybe in the orthopedic field, might be better trained in recognizing something wrong. I've spent most of my life at 5'11" and way over 270 lb without having trouble or pain from walking.
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    I don't think it's terribly unusual.

    Did you work up to that amount of time or did you go from couch potato to 30 minutes right away?

    yes I was a couch potato, that's why I started slow walking instead of running or jogging.

    Chances are you're just trying to do too much too soon, try shorter walks and build up slowly. Stretching afterwards might also be beneficial.

    Using a foam roller after could also be really beneficial.