Lose 25 in 6 months; 2018 Winter to Summer Challenge Together



  • NextRightThing714
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    I'm very interested in joining! I am an active weight lifter and a religious logger.
  • gradylydon
    gradylydon Posts: 3 Member
    I'd also like to join!! I need to loose about 65. I have health problems related to being overweight for 10years. I started on my healthy journey a month ago. I have lost 9lbs. Would love to have group support and help motivate others:)
  • Coffeemomof4
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    I would like to join if there is room available.
  • alysona828
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    Yes! Count me in!! I need support :)
  • pierce304
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    Yes!!! Count me in!!!!
  • fit4life_73
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    Count me in! I need the accountability. Thanks
  • sschrock
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    I definitely have 25 lbs to lose!! I did great at Thanksgiving and didn't gain any, but my mantra of "maintain, don't gain" for Christmas was a total bust! :s:( I'm ready to be back at it, especially after realizing how carb sensitive I am. I used to take medication for Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance, but b/c I lost 75 lbs, my PCP took me off it this past summer. I am gaining back now b/c I'm not limiting my carbs like I know I'm supposed to, so accountability and encouragement in this New Year would be great for me!! If there's still room, as it does seem like the group is getting rather large, I'd love an invite! I log daily and I check e-mail frequently. I've done a spread sheet before too. Good luck to everyone!! :)
  • deetails26
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    Me please! I need people that will hold me accountable.
  • alteredsteve175
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    Here's the group link. I did not get an invite in the messages, either. You should be able to join using this link.

  • Shull_rachael
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    Hi! Can I still join? I have a lot more than 25lbs to lose but that would be a great start!
  • Nancyh58
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    I'm interested too. What's the age range for your group (I'm 59). Going to Mexico in June for my 60th birthday and would love to be 20 lbs. lighter (at least).
  • kendallvon
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    can I join?
  • ImSophiaToo
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    I know you were only looking for 7 - 10 people and clearly, there are a lot more than that interested! you said you would keep this open until Wednesday so I really hope I'm not too late.

    I've realized that I need more structured accountability and this group would be ideal. I have 60 pounds to lose and my goal is to lose it by December 2018. I'm 58 and unfortunately, involuntarily pretty sedentary right now so controlling what I eat will be key.

  • terriandmaia
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    I didn’t find the invite in my inbox. I actually found it in my notifications. Maybe you guys can find it there too.
  • wizzybeth
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    I would like to join. I'm hoping to be at least 30 lbs lost by then but hey, I'll love 25 too.
  • SheilaBoneham
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    I'd like to join!
    What are some of your own goals, and why, for those of you joining me are here now?
    I lost 70 pounds a couple years ago, did a metabolism reset, and am now back down to four pounds over my lowest weight 16 mo ago. I've been very stable at 148-150 pounds for quite a while. My goal now is to lose another 18-23 pounds or so - my initial goal is 130 and reassess, then possibly 5 more.
    Basics: Do folks have fitbits? MFP on mobiles to help track?
    I do not. I track my walks and runs with a stopwatch and record on MFP.
    Drink lots of water? Certain dietary restrictions?
    Yes, lots of water. The only other things I drink are a cup of herbal tea after lunch and coffee - a cup in the morning and an iced coffee in the evening.
    Goals already achieved or some ones to name OUT LOUD?
    See above on goals. Also, I've slackened off my long-term walking habit of 1-2 hours almost every day as we have moved to a colder/rainy place, but I need to get back to at least 30-60 min a day. We will be moving again in late Feb., so having this accountability will be helpful as a way to focus on health and reduce stress.

    I'm fine with whatever you decide for check ins - email, group, whatever.

    Sheila in Oregon, USA (for now)

  • wizzybeth
    wizzybeth Posts: 3,578 Member
    My goals:

    To consistently log my food and stay in my calorie goal. My plan is to lose 100 lbs total, but in 4 25lb mini-goals.

    I am a Fitbit user as well as MFP and MapMyWalk. I also just started using another app which will let me earn "points" for logging exercise, sleep, water, food, etc (and taking some surveys on occasion). Every 1,000 points I get a $1. Once I get $10 they send it to my paypal or mail me a check. Seemed like a fun way to stay motivated. Someone else told me about an app Dicks Sporting Goods has that lets you earn points - that eventually translate into Dicks gift cards. These seem more real with actual payouts than any of the MFP "challenges" I've participated in in the past.

    Previously I've tried to lose 2 lbs or more a week. I scaled it back to 1.5 lbs per week to see if I can stick with it better.
  • jak1979
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    I also would like to join if not too late. I’ve lost 25 pounds since May and wanting to lose another 20 by May 2018.
  • hotmammatotwogirls
    I’m interested
  • JencyK
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    Do we have a google doc that’s being shared?