Highest gross number of daily calories ever recorded?

Just wondering
Mine was around 4500 after a binge (can't remember thw exact number.. it was something like 4485)


  • tintarandy
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    Wooo.... no.
    I am just bored
  • cmriverside
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    If you google it there are some pretty impressive numbers.
  • emjay6x3
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    I have never tracked a binge, but I can guarantee you I would probably be entered into The Guinness Book of World Records.
  • saraonly9913
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  • HoneyBadger302
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    I doubt I've ever tracked on my highest days - I'm sure there have been some good ones. The most I've tracked was in the 5,000 calorie range, but that was when I was in the police academy and doing my own workouts on top of my training, so I was expending like crazy too. I didn't bother tracking when I was going through black belt testing (probably the most fit I've been in my life) as I was eating everything and anything I wanted and was still ending up below my body's "happy weight" (not that I was complaining). Only issue was that wasn't a maintainable level of activity, so put those few pounds back on once I was done with the testing.
  • evileen99
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    5300+. It was delicious.
  • TravisJHunt
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    I'd be scared to find out. I've eaten out three plus meals and had a good drink on so it would be some kind of scary. Plus I'm a sweets guy so the calories would be off the chart.
  • svel713
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    2700 on a twelve hour work day, all fatty free food from work.

    I burned it all, then ended up sick the next morning with the super poops.
  • 4theking
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    Oh geesh 9,000 or so. Not pretty.
  • Ever recorded?? I am sure its got to be well over 100,000 if you have all day. Heck Michael Phelps eats 12,000+ on a regular basis training. I'd estimate I've eaten about 20,000 for a 36" pizza eating challenge and I'm sure many regular eating competition guys have gone way over that. When I was training heavy, your 4,500 cal binge was a regular day, and just had 4 days over that for Christmas, dont feel bad.
  • Moxie42
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    After a really bad binge I tried counting the cals I had eaten but stopped when I hit 10,000...
  • Poisonedpawn78
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    Joey chestnut ate 73.5 hot dogs in 10 minutes. 73.5 * 250ish calories = 18375 calories in 10 minutes. I'm guessing that's going to be tough to beat. for anyone.