“Make sure you eat a WHOLE avocado then your body will start burning fat!” and other silly things!

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So I just got off the phone with my dad, catching up about our days and so on. I told him I just got back from the gym and he goes “listen, if you want to lose weight, all you need to do is eat a whole avocado a day and it’ll just burn fat. Then you can eat whatever you want”. There’s no changing him so I didn’t get to the whole “the average avocado is 150 grams and approx 250-300 calories” thing since he (and nobody else in my family lol) believe in calorie counting.

I just figured I’d ask what other silly things you’ve heard regarding weight loss! In a completely light-hearted way. Other things said in my family include:

“calories in oatmeal don’t count because of the fiber!”
“Chicken doesn’t have the kind of calories that make you fat- it’s pure protein!”
“Alcohol makes your body cling on to fat”


  • mbdean86
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    A friend told me once the calories don't count if no one sees you eating them. I laughed. She got mad. She wasn't joking.

    Was fighting the desire to burst out laughing.
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    I had someone tell me the same thing about protein actually.. that it doesn't count.. lol

    And agreeing with Gem on the binge eating.. a ton of my eating was done secretly.. no one ever saw me eating most of what i would eat. Yet some how the weight still went on.. lol

    I have had a lot of people wonder how i was ever able to lose weight since i don't like fruit. Apparently fruit is the foundation for weight loss.

    I was told that it would be okay to eat an entire frozen pizza as long as it's got veggies on it cause it's better.

  • LuckyAndi
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    Veganism is the only way to lose weight.
    Counting calories isn't sustainable.
    Exercise isn't good for your body, unless it's yoga.
  • Wendyanneroberts
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    Bananas are the worst thing to eat if you're trying to lose weight...

    I was once told that eating bananas would make me gain weight, not lose weight. Nothing to do with CICO, but because they are pure sugar (no other nutritional value) and it's sugar that makes you fat.
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    Bananas are the worst thing to eat if you're trying to lose weight...

    I used to be told this all the time!
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    "You can eat whatever you want. You'll burn it off anyway."

    -My Dad has high hopes for my lifting gains.

    People say this to me because I'm a long distance runner... sadly it's just not true!