Dog walking for weight loss

Ok, so my daughter basically leaves we dog up to us for walking and I always nag my husband to take him (he’s still pully on his lead) but actually think I’m missing out on an exercise opportunity here. Anyone find walking their furry companion a good tool for weight loss??


  • pkweier
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    I take my pup out every day for a walk it helps me to get out and go
  • I’m a bit rubbish at making myself exercise, especially as I spend most of my time marking at the table, so I think using the pup is a good idea to MAKE me go out
  • khaleesikhaleesi
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    For sure! You can also make it fun for both of you by going to different parks, etc.
  • R2che
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    Lost most of my weight (50lbs) through walking my dog. Poor thing comes home shattered!!
  • Aw ain’t it lovely. I did a 2.7k walk this evening. Not brave enough to let him off the lead as not many safe places here and he’s rubbish at recall.
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    Cute photos! <3

    I take my sweet puppy out for walks 3 - 4 times a day for about .50 - .75 of a mile each time in the winter. He's a hunter dog and stops and sniffs and explore *everything*!

    I don't our walks count as exercise though. Just a bonus or extra light activity during my day.

    I lost a lot of weight before he came into my life, but I truly appreciate the movement especially during my sedentary work day.
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    Most of my cardio is dog walking.
    Anything from a couple of miles a day
    In the week, to 6-10 miles a day at the weekends
  • SherryTeach
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    I don't walk my dog for weight loss. I walk her because I love her and it's good for both of us, both physically and emotionally.
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    I love walking my dogs. Get a fitbit to count your steps and challenge yourself. I try to take one picture a day of something pretty or interesting. I have an app called Map my Walk that I can keep track of my walks. My dogs are the best exercise friends. They are always ready to go no matter what the weather. Sometimes I listen to music but usually I just enjoy being out and as a bonus, burning calories.

    I don't walk my dog for weight loss. I walk her because I love her and it's good for both of us, both physically and emotionally.

    I agree Sherry. Plus a tired dog is a happy dog.
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    Walking a dog is a great way to bond with the animal and have a lot of fun. It helps weightloss if it means that you don't end up eating more.
    My parents have a dog and one of the things he likes best is walking with her. Not because it helps with his weight (which is does) but he finds that by taking her out he gets he gets out too It helps his mental state and he gets interaction with other dog owners which is fun too. The dog loves running back and forth and being with him.
    Whenever I am at my parents place I go with them for their walk and it has become our dad-daughter interaction time, which we both love.
    I'd love to have my own dog, but our current careers simply do not allow it (both my husband and I are away too often)

    So many good things about walking a dog, for weightloss TBH is just a bonus in it I think
  • I don't walk my dog for weight loss. I walk her because I love her and it's good for both of us, both physically and emotionally.

    Sorry but I feel this came accross a little judgemental? The point was he’s not my doggy, and I work until almost 11 every night with marking, clubs, etc. I was just thinking rather than get my husband to take him when my daughter is at work that I could also benefit from making myself walk him. I didn’t personally get a dog because I don’t have the time they need
  • MaryBethHempel
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    I have been walking my dog for definitely is great exercise for both of us...We have increased our distance and do run also. I have a 16lb Maltipoo that is so cute that he looks like a stuffed puppy, but he thinks he is big and I have to watch him around other dogs. So that also gives me some exercise! :)
  • cenafan
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    I walk/hike anywhere from 5-10km a day with my dogs. It's why I got active dogs. I knew they would get me moving. That and yoga have been my only exercise in my weight loss (55lbs).
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    If you yourself don't have a dog, I get why the "human-dog relationship improvement" suggestions are not that motivational. It's like saying play with someone else's kid because kids are great! You work a lot so think of the dog as a grand dog. You get to enjoy it without ultimate responsibility! Utilize the dog as a tool, to motivate you to walk and as a companion while you are out. You will go places you might not have without the dog's encouragement. A dog is like a healthy alternative to a cigarette. It gets you outside, breathing deep, and there is nothing you have to do with your mind but relax. (And it doesn't give you cancer.) It can be a great end of day calm-down routine to transition into home time. Enjoy your walks however you take them. :)
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    It's the best kind of exercise when you can trick yourself into doing something you enjoy. Make the dog happy, and increase your fitness level if you aren't doing anything! :smile:
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    Aw ain’t it lovely. I did a 2.7k walk this evening. Not brave enough to let him off the lead as not many safe places here and he’s rubbish at recall.

    Interesting thing with my dog - when we're out in the woods somewhere on a trail, she does not wander far off and behaves as if she is almost hanging around to protect me (and of course to also get treats when I call her back to me.)

    However, if she is off her lead IN OUR YARD - she runs away down the road and won't come home until she's done visiting all her dog friends at neighbor houses regardless of what treats I offer - I have to catch her and physically drag her home!

    So when we go on hikes like this she has to wear her leash until we get into the car and then when we go from the car to the house or she'll run away - and be gone for hours! Brat! LOL
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    We moved in August from a home on a large hill and terrible streets to walking to a home with access to sidewalks and streets in any direction. I discovered walking my dog to be the best form of exercise I have had since doing this weight loss things 3 times in the past 5 years. I now look forward to the morning walks, I have the free app on my phone called MayMyWalk, which give me time, distance and calories burned. I don't think about burning calories now, I just enjoy going on different routes, my dog gets to enjoy new smells, do his business, he gets much needed exercise just like I do. We usually wall 75-120 minutes at a 100 cal burned per 15 minute walking average. And it is accurate on the cals burned since my CICO has tied into my actual weight loss almost perfectly since starting this on October 30th again.

    This is so much more fun and relaxing then hitting the treadmill and watching the clock or timer and having it be about how long it will take, now it is just part of my day and my dog benefits too.