Check-in Buddy/Buddies?



  • Rhayes38
    Rhayes38 Posts: 9 Member
    I know I'll do better with a check in buddy as well so will add you! We can do this!
  • thinkthingem
    thinkthingem Posts: 25 Member
    edited December 2017
    I would love a check in buddy to keep me motivated please add me anyone as many as I can get please would definitely help me
  • nicknixon03
    nicknixon03 Posts: 3 Member
    I would appreciate a check in buddy. How do I get started on that?
  • Daveygirl1
    Daveygirl1 Posts: 29 Member
    Feel Free to add me as well. Open diary, switching from calorie logging to macros. :)
  • BenKofi
    BenKofi Posts: 10 Member
    I’ve added you guys, feel free to add me too.
  • Luckee_me
    Luckee_me Posts: 1,429 Member
    I’m in. My food shenanigans have been a hot mess lately. FR sent.
    Anyone else needs a friend that hasn’t got a filter, feel free to add me, send me a request if you don’t mind a little cussing and lots of codology.
  • setaylor86080
    setaylor86080 Posts: 203 Member
    Add me. I would love to do something like this!!
  • Whisperquinn
    Whisperquinn Posts: 12 Member
    Hey, I'm trying to lose about 100 or more. I need a buddy to motivate me and help keep me on track. I can do the same for you.
  • tranz4md1
    tranz4md1 Posts: 37 Member
    Add me too guys. Accountability is where it is at. I'm also on journaling my journey on FB. If anyone wants my page info, let me know. Not sure if I can put it in this message or not. But either way, let's do this.
  • fuzzy_l0gic
    fuzzy_l0gic Posts: 69 Member
    Anyone can add me and see my daily food dairy. I think it takes a strong person to open up about their nutrition, especially on the days we “cheat”.
  • Ashrew_Untamed
    Ashrew_Untamed Posts: 6 Member
    Feel free to add me. I need that accountability. I am also on FitBit:
  • swimrun70
    swimrun70 Posts: 6 Member
    I just started looking for an accountability buddy. I do so much better when someone is checking to make sure I completed my food diary. (Exercise is not so much of a problem for me.) Anyone willing to nudge me daily (gently or with curse words) if I didn't complete my diary, let me know and I'll add you. Because of vacation, I won't be starting until Jan. 9.