Hi Friends

Hello! My name is Chris, I've been on MFP for a very long time, but I am new to the community aspect of it.

I've lost significant weight in the past (100ish lbs) and even got my NASM certification as a personal trainer, however when I moved to Texas and got a desk job about a year and a half ago I sort of lost motivation and gained more than half of what I lost back.

I've been working very hard in the gym for the last 4 months or so to get back on track, however my diet has been a pile of crap until recently. Basically I was too restrictive because I wanted immediate results which lead to binge eating. I'm tired of the cycle, and now I have a baby on the way so I need to get in the best shape I can, so I can have a long healthy relationship with my growing family.

I am looking to be part of the community now for some accountability and hopefully give back with my gym knowledge which is where I am strongest. If anyone wants to join me in this feel free to add me!