Is Yoga good for helping weight loss???

So I decided that because I cannot afford a gym membership, that I would try Yoga. Is that a good way of exercise?


  • kshama2001
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    Sure, during my three years living at yoga retreat centers I knew many fit people whose only form of intentional exercise was yoga. The fittest tended to practice styles of yoga that are more cardiovascular and involve more bodyweight, such as Power, Ashtanga, or JivanMukti.

    Gentler forms of yoga burn less calories but can be great for stress relief, which is helpful for weight loss if one tends to manage stress by overeating.
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    It could be. I do a yoga-like exercise along with plain, old walking to keep myself fit. Yoga will tone your muscles, but I think that you might also want to add a bit of cardio to the plan. Since you can't afford a gym, is there a local park where you can walk or jog?
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    Yes!!! I tone with yoga and’s a fabulous way to firm up.
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    Also--there are lots of free videos out on the web that you can use in lieu of a gym and that don't require equipment. Try I'm sure there are others...
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    Strong Curves has a bodyweight workout you can do at home. It's designed for women and the before vs after pics are staggering! You can buy the book on amazon or look it up via the search facility on the forums for the url to a free pdf.
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    Yoga is a good form of exercise and can be practiced at various levels of intensity. You still need to watch what you eat for weight loss.
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    What sort of yoga?
    Yoga is awesome, but the calorie counts etc, depend on what kind.
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    Yoga is great but losing weight is all about taking in less calories than you burn so focus on your calorie intake to lose.
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    My wife is a yoga instructor, and about 10 years ago we went to a Yoga Journal conference in Lake Geneva. One of the presenters was Wade Morissette, Alanis' twin brother. He would play guitar and sing while guiding us through the poses. The routine as I recall, was a lot of the Ashtanga 1st series poses mixed in with 50 (yes, fifty) sun salutations. Very demanding. So, yes, yoga can be cardiovascular exersize in addition to flexibility and strength training.

    Sun salutations!!
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    Is it a good form of exercise? Yep. Will it help with weight loss? Hard to say, but in most cases, no. It certainly won't hurt, though.
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    You might find it helpful to think of this in terms of diet and yoga being two variables in an equation - the equation being your body's energy balance.

    If you continue eating at your standard level (which I assume is presently at a level where your weight is static) but do yoga, you'll experience a very minor weight loss - I would guess maybe 1 lb every couple of months based on my own experiences with basic yoga and my caloric burn from that.

    On the other hand, if you don't do yoga and log your food carefully (aiming for 1 lb per week) you'll lose a pound per week consistently as long as you stick to it.

    If you do both, you'll lose a little faster and you'll get the other health & wellness benefits of yoga.

    My girlfriend struggled for a long time with losing weight, and at one point tried yoga by itself - she's lost a lot more since I set her straight.
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    I don't get much of a calorie burn from yoga, but I do enjoy it as a way of maintaining flexibility, getting moving in the morning, and destressing.

    If a gym membership is not in the cards (and remember some workplaces and apartment complexes have gyms that are free for employee/resident use), the suggestions in this thread are good. Also some on-demand cable/satellite or video streaming services have workouts, and many public libraries still offer DVD rentals. I've also seen cheap/clearance workout DVDs at places like TJ Maxx and Marshall's, and have personally donated some I don't use anymore to Goodwill, so it is worth checking thrift stores as well (may also be able to get some inexpensive equipment that way).
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    I can be great for weight loss. It burns more calories than being sedentary and it can be a great stress reliever and stress can most definitely affect weight loss. Especially if you tend to be an emotional eater.

    You still need to watch your calorie intake, of course. But Yoga is good stuff.
  • BlaqueDiamond1989
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    I just started taking basic yoga classes. I don't know if it helps with weight loss, but I know it does help with stress. Once I am done with a session, I feel so calm and at peace. I would recommend you take it whether it is for weight loss, or just for the sense of relaxation it gives you.
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    I would suggest a more comprehensive strength/body weight program than just "yoga" For home use.

    Like You are your Own gym, Convict Conditioning, Kavadlos, Pavel(Joints/Naked Warrior). Etc
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    Try looking up Les Mills Body Flow on youtube. It's a combo workout of Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates, and it will burn calories! Good luck!
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    DDP Yoga is good