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GingerRebelle Posts: 10 Member
I'm extremely overweight and need some accountability!! I'm almost 300 pounds but I refuse to lose hope that I will shed these pounds. I'm at my largest weight and food is such a drug for me sadly. I weighed 170 last year so I've already proven I can gain a person within a year. Lol I'm struggling extra hard lately. I want to be proud of myself. If anyone wants to be Snapchat friends let me know. Maybe someone who would like to do weekly weigh ins or meal plans etc. Just a friend in a similar boat. I'm looking for friends only and am happily engaged:)


  • shinycrazy
    shinycrazy Posts: 1,081 Member
    I totally get this! I was down to 180 at Christmas 2016. I'm back at 274 in less than a year. Super frustrating. I'll PM you!
  • jess94mason
    jess94mason Posts: 3 Member
    I feel the same since having my boys it piled on something needs to be done ! Add me on here and snap chat mizmason. Everyone welcome need the help x
  • caco_ethes
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    I've been using snapchat for the wrong reasons I think...

    Add me
  • eccomi_qui
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    I send out videos of me putting phallic objects in my mouth, please add me