Anyone on here have mental illness?



  • monicabroadbentswearingen
    I also suffer from depression. About 5 yrs ago I was hospitalized for 5 days because of it. I had been depressed for so long and didn't realize it. It's taken me a long time to get my medications correct so I could function normally. I still get moody but now I can figure out what and why caused it. A long with doing better also means eating more... Of course not the right foods. I can't exercise because my pelvic is tipped and so when I try my back and hips hurt horribly. Can seem like a visious cycle but WE can win if WE stand together. Feel free to add me for support. :)
  • DRBuchholz
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    Bipolar 2 which for me is almost always on the depressive side. Anxiety and ptsd. Exercise and eating right helps, when I have the energy to make myself do it.
    In a good place right now. Hoping to get this routine set enough that I will maybe ward off the next depression and/or continue my routine despite it and recover more quickly.
    I need friends so feel free to add me anyone.
  • thegeordielass
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    I have bipolar disorder and spend the vast majority of my time on the depressed side. Between the meds, comfort eating and lack of energy, I've gained a load of weight I'm trying to shift (I regained 70lbs from my previous low. 10lbs more than I'd initially started with) I enjoy (if that's the word haha!) running but I've also got anxiety so I struggle to get out and do it unless I'm meeting up with someone.

    I'm doing a sponsored thing to raise money for a mental health charity at the moment which is giving me the accountability and kick I need to actually do exercise. I've got hypothyroidism too which can make things even more fun.
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