Backpack for work AND gym - recs?

Next year my office is moving downtown and will have a fitness center in the new building. So I'll be taking the train (about a mile walk to/from the office), and plan to join the gym in the building.
I plan to wear my workout clothes to work and exercise in the morning. Starting to look for a good bag to accommodate both laptop/work stuff and gym clothes, shoes, etc. I was looking at Lululemon but their choices are underwhelming.


  • NorthCascades
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    Osprey packs are very comfortable.
  • lorrpb
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    I would go to your local sporting goods store or similar and look at what they have so you can evaluate how your particular stuff will fit. I find it difficult to evaluate such things online. You can also try them on with weight to see how they ride.
  • GOT_Obsessed
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    A girl at my gym uses a little suitcase with wheels. Not sure if that is your thing but it looks pretty handy for her.
  • 796fra
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    I purchased a 50L hiking backpack a little over a year ago. I use it for my laptop, lunch, coffee and work out clothes, water bottle. Occasionally I have some other items that need to be transported, there's a little extra room. It handles all these things without feeling overstuffed. I also like that it has a built in rainfly that is super handy on rainy or snowy days. My commute is about a mile walk.
  • canadianlbs
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    if you'll be toting significant weight, make sure the strap attachments are sturdy enough for the weight you'll be putting in them. i'd been a pannier person forever and never even thought about that aspect of things, and then one day one of my straps broke very suddenly while i was standing quietly at a bus stop.

    all i had in the pack was a gallon of milk, iirc. but it took a chiropractor to sort my neck out afterwards. last cheapo or "general purpose" backpack i will ever buy.