Do most people add their exercise? I feel worried about doing this most days as I’m not 100% sure the calories burnt are accurate. Is it better to leave out?


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    If you're following MFP's goals you should be eating at least a portion of your exercise calories back. Start with 50%, judge your loss over the next 4-6 weeks, and adjust based on if you're off your target.

    ^^^ This. Estimating exercise is hard, so starting at 50% is a good plan. If needed, adjust after 4-6 weeks.

    I found that if I estimated my exercise carefully, I could eat back 100% . . . so I did that throughout losing 50+ pounds, and over 2 years of maintaining a healthy weight since. But the specufic formula is individual.
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    I log all my exercise and eat back all my calories. I mostly walk and run and find that the calories are a bit understated for me, because I do a lot of hills. YMMV
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    I use Fitbit and eat 50% of the excercise adjustment.
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    I log all of my exercise not because i want to know how many calories I've burned but because it's easier for me to keep trach what day or days I've done which exercises. I don't try and estimate the calories burned when i have to use the create exercise feature either. The cardio feature gives me an estimate of calories burned. I'm one that if I'm hungry and have calories available i will have a snack of 1 to 200 calories but If im not hungry i don't bother to eat any of the exercise calories back
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    when i bother to log it (and i dont usually), i only log half the time. so if i did an hour of cardio (usually the elliptical), i only log 30 minutes. and i know i can eat those calories back if i so desire.
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    Eat back at least 50% of exercise calories burned - that will account for calorie burn inaccuracies.
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    I log all my exercise and eat back all my calories. I mostly walk and run and find that the calories are a bit understated for me, because I do a lot of hills. YMMV

    i've always used MFP estimates, eaten back all my exercise cals and lost at the predicted rate.
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    I actually found MFP estimates very accurate. If you're concerned only log half the workout time, and eat those back, adjust after 4-6 weeks.
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    Welcome to one of the most controversial and frequently asked questions on MFP! The program is indeed set up so that you log calories from intentional exercise and your calorie allowance is increased to encourage you to "eat back" those calories. When it comes down to it, the best plan is going to be the one that results in you losing weight at the expected rate. Pick a plan - 100%, 50%, 0%* - and stick to it for a month at least. If you are losing weight at the rate you expected, stick to that plan. If you are losing too slow, eat less. Too fast, eat more. It is difficult if not impossible to track everything perfectly. The best you can do is watch your trends and be patient.

    *A couple of factors to keep in mind when picking a strategy: How long and intense are your workouts and how low is your calorie allotment without exercise calories? If your exercise is primarily walking or something lower burn like yoga or strength training, and you're fine with your current level of calories, then maybe don't track/eat your exercise calories. But if you're trying to keep at an especially low calorie target, having another 100 calories to eat may be a big deal. Just play around and see how it goes. Good luck!
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    For the first 2 weeks I only put my exercise calories down to 1 calorie so it was easier for me to track my food. Now i input what it says on the bike and will now allow myself to dip into half of the exercise calories if I'm hungry (not peckish)
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    Sure, I log calories burned exercising. At the beginning of this effort, I was happy to exercise without eating calories and proud of a -10,000 weekly calorie deficit. That was dumb. These days I eat most of the calories I burn and both lose weight steadily and feel good.