January 2018 Running Challenge



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    Just back from a run. Either my Fitbit is reading my HR totally wrong or taking it slow does pay off: I was 45 seconds faster for the same distance than on Sunday.

    Got challenged on Facebook today to run a 10K by the end of February.

    January goal: 30km
    January 7 - 3.29/2.04 - 3.29/2.04
    January 9 - 3.44/2.14 - 7.73/4.18
    January 12 - 3.48/2.16 - 11.21/6.34
    January 14 - 3.47/2.16 - 14.68/8.5
    January 16 - 3.47/2.16 - 18.15/10.66

    Nice going! Yep, slow does pay off. Do not be discouraged though if your next run is not quite as fast. It's not really a linear thing, but if you keep at it it will definitely trend that way quickly.

    @skippygirlsmom -That is such a great picture of you and Skip

    @7lenny7 - Sounds like you had a fabulous Sunday. Much better than mine. Unlike you, I skipped my run in favor of watching my team (Steelers) and they lost, then I had to do my 10 mile on Monday when the weather was not nearly as nice :#
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    kgirlhart wrote: »
    Thanks again @7lenny7. I was very unsure about how to taper and that helps a lot.

    I missed my run yesterday. It has just been too cold for me, and I do not have the clothing to run in single digit temperatures. I am going to attempt to run this afternoon. It is already up to 17f from 8f when I got up this morning. We are really not used to this kind of cold weather in Texas. It should be ~40f this afternoon after work with no real wind chill and sunny so I am planning to try. My dad is having a pacemaker put in on Friday so I doubt I will be able to run then which I had planned to do to make up for yesterday's missed run. I'll also probably head over to my sister's tomorrow evening and miss tomorrow's run too. Maybe if today's run goes well I might try to get a couple of miles in at lunch tomorrow, but this week may just have to be a low mileage week. Running is a priority for me, but so is my dad and my mom who will need the support in the waiting room.

    Sorry to hear about your dad!

    And darn it, it is just too cold here in N Tex! I don't like 10 degrees when leaving in the morning. I am a big wuss at 35, so yeah, no outside for me either.
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    @seanevan10 I hear ya on the cold! It's 4 here. Brrrr!
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    @kgirlhart my dad had a pacemaker put in this summer and it went very well. The procedure is low risk and recovery shouldn't be stressful. Everyone is different, so hopefully your dad's experience is similar.
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    January Running Challenge
    Goal: 90 km
    Ran: 48.1/90 km

    17/1/18 Run 7.3 km
    13/1/18 Rest day
    12/1/18 SL A Circuit training
    11/1/18 Run 8.3 km
    10/1/18 Run 7.5 km
    9/1/18 Run 5 km SL B
    8/1/18 Run 4.4 km TT 1hr BM 30m
    6/1/18 rest day
    5/1/18 Run 7 km
    4/1/18 SL B
    3/1/18 Run 5.3 km+3.3km
    2/1/18 SL A Walk 9 km
    1/1/18 Walk 6 km

    SL~ Strong Lift
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    @Starflight00 you definitely should, I am!
    lporter229 wrote: »
    1/13-8 miles on the dreadmill w/ 6@tempo pace
    @lporter229 I wonder if the MFP user "tempo" wonders why she keeps getting mentioned on this thread. ;)

    @fitoverfortymom I don't know anything about In-N-Out burger but the new running scenery sounds great.
    @kat_ontherun it sucks getting sick when you want to be active but glad your feeling better. Splitting up your run sounds like a good idea under the circumstances.
    @kgirlhart I hope all goes well for your Dad on Friday!

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    @seanevan10 - I'm sorry you're having a rough go at the moment. Hang in there.

    @kgirlhart - Best wishes for your dad's surgery.

    @kat_ontherun - Glad you're feeling better! Hope everyone is well soon!
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    01/02/2018: C25K W1D1
    01/11/2018: C25K W1D2
    01/15/2018: C25K W1D3
    01/17/2018: C25K W2D1

    I listened to an "Affirmations for Runners" video on youtube during my run this morning. I enjoyed it! I might have to look for a few more of them. It makes the time go fast on the treadmill.
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    I skipped my run last night. :(
    The kid had a basketball game on the opposite side of Minneapolis and by the time we got home I was tired, it was late, and I wanted to spend some time hanging out with my wife. Instead I'll run tonight and see how my knee reacts to running two days in a row (Wed/Thurs).