Losing fat

So I’m New here and I really need to know, how do you lose the actual fat on your body really quickly? Like what exercises are best to get that thigh gap? And that perfect collarbone and thin arms and legs?


  • kommodevaran
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    What BMI are you aiming for? How old are you?
  • mom22dogs
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    To answer your question, a reasonable calorie deficit. Although to do it safely and have a better chance at keeping it off, you can't do it quickly. Unless you are significantly overweight.
  • brendanwhite84
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    Spot-reducing fat by non-surgical means is impossible. Your body will take off fat from different places according to its own internal tendencies - generally speaking, from all over your body as a whole, but it may very well come off first or last in different places. Fat goes on my abdomen first and off it last.

    You can use muscle growth (which can definitely be targeted) to sculpt your physique, but fat loss is just fat loss all around.
  • Giselle4004
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    I’m 18 and my BMI is 20.83
  • mitch16
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    You're at a healthy weight already. Investigate recomp.
  • malibu927
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    mitch16 wrote: »
    You're at a healthy weight already. Investigate recomp.

    This. You can only lose so much fat per day, and anything past that if you're aiming for "quick" will come from your muscle.

  • quiksylver296
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    Lift heavy (for you) weights and eat at maintenance. Be consistent and patient.