What should my goal weight be?

I don't really know what to aim for? I am 5'5 female, pear shaped and 30 years old.

Any other 5'5 females mind sharing their goal weight?


  • midlomel1971
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    I agree w/ the above poster. It really depends on your body shape. I'm 5'8" and I'm aiming for 150. Some girls that height would think that's too heavy and I've seen them shooting for 135. There is NO WAY I could hit that, nor do I want to. So it depends on your body type, your maintenance goals , etc. But I think striving for staying in the healthy BMI range is a good start.
  • cwolfman13
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    This is impossible for anyone to answer. This is something that should probably be assessed and reassessed as you go. It's going to depend on body composition and a whole lot of other factors...
  • nataliecg926
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    Weight can look differently on people and some people have different end goal weights but I am 5'5 1/2, 26 and my initial goal weight is 150 and then I will re-evaluate that goal. As it is, I'm just hoping to get under 200 by the end of this year and go from there :smile:
  • fitoverfortymom
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    I'm 5'6" and just .5lbs away from my original goal of 150. I still have a bit of belly fat (that I have literally carried for as long as I can remember). I'm aiming to get down to 145 and then maintain between 145-150. It puts me at the top-ish for non-overweight BMI. I'm 43.
  • brendanwhite84
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    I've reassessed several times. My most recent bulk was +25 lbs to 173, after which I decided I wanted more muscle. So a lean 190 is now the desired endpoint, just based on how I found my strength and aesthetics at 173.
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    I disagree to some extent with the other posters. It's true that it's different for everyone and that you might not hit a goal that's too low, but I still think it's beneficial to have an "ideal goal", keeping in mind that even if you don't hit it, that doesn't mean that you've failed.

    I love the ideal weight calculator on calculator.net. It provides four good formulas backed by science. (Ignore the fifth one based on BMI.) Of the four results it gives you take the average. For your sex and size, the average that I calculate is 127.3 lbs.

    However, once you start getting close to that weight (say 150 lbs.), I suggest that you still weigh yourself regularly but pay much more attention to body fat percentage than weight. As others have said, different people carry their weight differently, and body fat percentage is a healthier metric than pure weight.
  • bbell1985
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    I'm 5'4". I'm skinny at 127, really lean at 135, and very strong and nice looking at 140. I feel puffy above that. Below 127 too skinny. Depends on your taste and body fat % as well.
  • jascinthe64
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    I too am skinny at 135. Thats me in my profile picture at 140 the weight I want to get back too. I am 149 and not fat just a little pudgy!!
  • Ekoth1017
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    I'm 5'5 and aiming for 149. :)
  • AnnPT77
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    Body type really matters. Unfortunately, the key variables (pelvic width and breadth, ribcage size, shoulder width, nonfatty breast tissue, . . . .) are hard to figure out when we're still overfat.

    IMO, the calculators that use wrist size or elbow size to estimate frame size are nonsense.

    The issue is not mostly the weight of the bones, it's the weight of the skin, muscle, connective tissue, etc., that it takes to envelop (say) a wide pelvis vs. a narrow one.

    It's good advice above to pick a goal without agonizing, and reevaluate as you go along. It's not worth stressing about now, and goal changes literally nothing about the steps we need to take to start losing. You will know more about where you will feel and look best as you get close to it.

    Some women at 5'5" look sleek and fabulous at 140, 150, or more. I've known some 5'5" female elite athletes that were healthy and lean at even higher weights. These women would be skeletal at 120.

    I'm 5'5" myself, age 62. For me, even though I'm not devoid of muscle, 140 is still overfat, 130 is OK, 120 is better. But I'm built like a 14-year-old boy: Narrow hips, no booty, and (post mastectomy) literally no breasts.

    Just for reference, this (below) is what my body looks like at around 120. It might be heavier or lighter than what anyone else might choose even with the same body frame, but I don't think it looks profoundly unhealthy.


  • Dowelled234
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    Thanks all.

    I struggle as I'm very pear shaped. Currently weigh 140lbs but still have a hips measuring 43". Would love to get this down without reducing my 26" waist even more. Think I'll maybe do as lots have suggested and see how I feel. Currently feeling about another 10lbs would be about right.

    Focusing on cycling at the moment so hoping that helps.

  • cwolfman13
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    The above commentators are not giving accurate information. Body composition is important, however, there should be an ideal weight that you aim for if you are not building a lot of muscle. I am 5'5", 28, and my ideal weight is approximately 120-125 lbs. Body composition should only refer to muscle vs fat composition. Unless you have abnormal bone structure, and water retention, any other "compositions" won't apply. When I was 20 as a long distant runner, I weighed approximately 125-130 lb depending on muscle build. When I was fit but not building muscle I was approximately 120-125 lb. Everyone is different, but healthy weight is important for bone and organ health. Fat vs Muscle composition is an important factor and there are ways to determine this. I would see a physician and have him do a physical (even if it is simply a pharmacy clinic) so they can evaluate cardiovascular health, fat vs muscle composition and bp. Eat healthy, have healthy omega 3 fats, plenty of green vegetables and lean protein as this is important for health... perhaps more so than weight. And use the program on myfitnesspal to evaluate weight goal and monitor calorie intake. If you have a hard time losing weight, try a nutrition plan and if that doesn't work, could be hormones. **stipulation** If you weigh more than this, and are healthy and active, with plenty of energy and a physician determines you don't have excessive fat %, you are in the green zone and should not consider my weight as "ideal"** I am however, average for US. However, I would use myfitnesspal to keep track of nutrition, not just calories.

    Your healthy BMI range is a lot wider than 120-125 Lbs...'cuz people have different builds and body compositions and whatnot...so no...people weren't giving inaccurate information.

    And even then, BMI shouldn't be the only measure...

    <<<I'm 5'10" and 180 and 12%ish-15%ish BF...Per BMI, I'm overweight, but I'm at a perfectly healthy BF% and I'm not some big body builder...just a guy who exercises on the regular...

    Your body composition and build play a substantial roll in your scale weight...
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    I'm 5'3, 33, have a medium or large frame, and am naturally muscular.
    My current goal is 150 - technically overweight.
    Once I get close I'll reassess.

    I've always said that whatever is maintainable eating healthy without trying (no specific diet, calorie counting) and working out regularly is my goal weight. My body has it's happy place, I just need to find it. And hopefully I'll be happy with it.