Weight GAIN

Hello, Danielle from Atlanta, GA. I have always been very slim all my life, I attribute it to genetics and having been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease over 10 years ago(its under control). However, I am turning 30 in June and am embarking on my first ever true weight gain journey. I fluctuate between 118-123, I want to gain between 20-25lbs before my birthday(yikes! I know sounds crazy). I started my journey on Jan 7th, changing the foods I eat and I’m addicted to this app because it really helps me ensure I take in enough calories. I want the weight to stick in all the right places, so I’ve started exercise routines(no cardio) to assist with the weight I gain going to all those places. I also started taking the vitamin supplement Apetamin, I’m on day 3 and I definitely see a spark in my appetite. Anyone else on a weight GAIN journey, I could definitely use some tips and support.


  • Hamsibian
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    Welcome! I have Crohn's Disease, will turn 31 this March, and also gaining weight. It's like we're twins :D i am really close to my goal weight after over a year of hard work. I plan to maintain to lose some fat, and then maybe gain some more. You can add me!
  • dmulkey68
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    That’s Awesome, congrats on your journey! Yea Crohn’s has been my biggest nemesis in my struggle with weight! It’s nice to find someone on the same page as me; trying to gain weight is one thing but trying while having Crohn’s makes it so much harder. What kind of foods are you eating that you notice are helping you keep the weight but also don’t flare your Crohn’s?