Easy Vegan Recipes

This is my one-pan vegan bean sauce with some white fiber rotini! (Also goes really good with spinach pastas) qyuf88r4kicl.jpeg


  • ninalemon
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    Sounds great! I made a lentil curry this AM while getting the kids ready for school. Super easy and quick!

  • apullum
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    That sounds really good. I bet some spinach and vegan beef crumbles would also taste great in it.
  • Caitlin1812
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    Yum :)
  • nickssweetheart
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    If you want the recipe, here it is for a serving size of about 4 or 5:
    •two cups of your favorite marinara sauce
    •1+1/2 cups of chopped white onion
    •around 2-3 cups of low sodium black beans
    •green bell pepper (optional)
    •chili powder, Italian seasoning, and pepper (to taste)

    Sauté onions and peppers on medium heat with around a tablespoon of olive oil and some pepper
    Add beans when onions are beginning to get translucent
    Mix together lightly and turn heat to medium high
    Add marinara sauce and spices and stir
    Reduce heat back to medium and cook until onions are fully translucent.
    Serve on pasta or rice.

    That does sound good, and I agree about adding spinach.

    Today I'm going to experiment with a Mexican-style lasagna inspired by various recipes. Corn tortillas, salsa, black beans, Boca crumbles, mexican seasoning, tofu, salsa, and olives.

  • Essnce
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    500 calorie vegan Spaghetti and sausage lunch! Thanks to Tabitha Brown for inspiring me try Field Roast Apple and Sage vegan sausage.