How to tone up at home?

I have loose flab everywhere especially thighs and stomach and it bothers me so much. I don’t have access to a gym so just wondering how does everyone tone up at home? I have started jogging but I am very unfit lol so need to build that up.


  • TeaBea
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    By "toning up" you likely mean losing the layer of fat covering your muscles. This is accomplished by eating at a calorie deficit and losing weight.

    Jogging (cardio) will burn some calories and is great for your heart. But to keep lean muscle while losing weight look into adding some strength training. Body weight exercises are a good start (planks, push ups, squats, etc.).......Fitness Blender (YouTube) has lots of videos.
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    Thanks. When I was 15 I developed an eating disorder and dropped about 25kg in just a few months so still have loose skin from that. I am around the weight I want to be now, but I have fat and skin just hanging off me and I need to tone up a lot. I’m hopeless with this whole thing.