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Looking for a partner

nopainnogainnopainnogain Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
Hello everyone! I just signed up today (found an article in Health magazine that suggested this website). I have been successfully dieting and exercising over the last month. My goal is to lose 80 lbs. I am trying to find someone to take up a new sport. I was thinking of trying to find a partner to do something like rollerblading, raquetball, volleyball, tennis or something along those lines. Some kind of fun sport. I have never played tennis or raquetball or even rollerbladed before, but want to learn something new. I want to do this in addition to my regular excercise program. Part of my goal is to be more active, and this would be another step towards my goal. I live in Stow, Ohio and wondered if there is anyone out there in my area that would be interested in joining me to learn something new. Thanks!!


  • brife17brife17 Posts: 37Member Posts: 37Member
    i live in toledo ohio, i dont kno if that is close or not but i would love to help. i want to lose 50 pounds
  • bigdane321bigdane321 Posts: 233Member Member Posts: 233Member Member
    That is such a cool idea. Outdoor fun buddies. I'm in CA so tennis is out I'll have to stick to my Email workouts for now BOY MY FINGERS ARE TIRED!
  • hjcopelandhjcopeland Posts: 74Member Member Posts: 74Member Member
    There are a lot of organizations out there now that run adult sports leagues.

    Here is one example in the Tampa Bay Area:

    If you look hard enough (i.e. Google), you might find something in your area. If not, you could always start your own and make it a new career! There is a huge demand for it.
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