Longest streak yet!

After a lot of thought about why previous MyFitnessPal adventures didn't work for me I am at it again this year. I've been logging my calories since the holidays last year and I'm finally seeing progress! I've lost 7 lbs since I started up again. When I tried to lose weight before I always attempted to eat 1200 cal a day which led to hunger and cravings and I would give up within weeks of starting. This time I started eating healthier filling foods prior to logging again and am eating closer to 1700 calories for a much slower weight loss. Really working on eating mindfully as well. Happy with my little success so far! Excited to keep up with the momentum and I'm looking forward to posting before and after photos on here someday!

What are your 2018 successes so far?


  • nilimel
    nilimel Posts: 70 Member
    Great on figuring out what works for you! That is always the best way to do it and not follow others sometimes. As for my 2018 successes I started a 12 week challenge on 1/8/2018. I just finished week 4. 8 more weeks to go. As to how much I lost I will find out tomorrow on weigh day! But visually my body has changed A LOT!!!
  • Frankie_Fan
    Frankie_Fan Posts: 562 Member
    Awesome! I've lost almost 10 pounds since I started logging in mid December.
  • jc1961AA
    jc1961AA Posts: 283 Member
    edited February 2018
    Started on December 4, 2017 at 86.9kg, down to 80.2kg on last weigh in, that's about 14.7lbs i think. It has been easier than i thought, though i am struggling to eat some of the food i was eating before. Still need to lose another 10lbs. I have to say that MFP has been an eye opener on how much food I was eating before, not necessarily bad food, but calories wise, it was just too much
  • SERmom3
    SERmom3 Posts: 568 Member
    I'm very similar to you. I've lost the same 10 lbs over and over. This year I decided to work on incremental goals. I started weighing myself daily and aim for .2 lbs a day. Of course it doesn't really work like that, but it does keep me motivated and focused.
    I also have non-scale goals added in too. I'm slowly waking up earlier each day, I've increased my water intake to 100oz and I have various exercise/fitness goals along the way.
    I'm down 8lbs since I started a few weeks ago and 15 overall. Ultimate goal is 40lbs.
    Congrats on your success!
  • JustaJoe00
    JustaJoe00 Posts: 777 Member
    i lost 6lbs in january. hoping to stay on the wagon through May . Trying to break the 200lb mark by then.
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