Thanks FitnessPal, 26kg lost in 6 months

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My journey started back in 2014, I weighed 121kg (19 stone) and could barely walk up the stairs. Between 2014 and 2017 I tried every diet known to man and some how yo-yo’d my way down to 93kg and then back up to 106kg. In April I started using the app, followed the Tim Ferris 4 hour body philosophy, reduced my training hours and switched to a simple slow carb and high protein breakfast diet. Wow what a change, I lost 26kg in just under 6 months and have held that weight ever since (12 stone 13). Simple to follow and great results, very impressed and easy to maintain once you get the weight off. So happy and chuffed...


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    Well done. That's brilliant
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    wonderful progress! what’s 4 hour body, if you don’t mind?
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    Great results, that's what i say to the people i work with, some of them trying every single fad diet available on the market. I tell to install MFP or whatever else, and just monitor what they eat, add some exercise if they feel like it and they will lose the weight. It's actually that simple if there are no medical problem of course
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    wonderful progress! what’s 4 hour body, if you don’t mind?

    Hi, It’s an adapted diet plan from the Tim Ferris 4 hour body book. In essence it’s a slow carb high protein diet with lots of vegetables and lagumes. Avoid fruit and diary, don’t go hungry by filling up on vegetables and lagumes. The big change for me was having a high protein chicken and egg type breakfast within 40’ of getting up. I liked it because I didn’t feel hungry even though the meals are boring as hell. He also advocates taking one day a week off from the diet which I struggled with as my weight up after each cheat day. In the end though the weight came off and it was not that hard to follow. I cooked 90% of my meals in. Microwave oven !!! I’m a crap chef and never have time to prep and cook properly.
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    Awesome job! Congrats!
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    Congratulations on a good job and great results :)