Do you work out when on vacation ?



  • spzjlb
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    I never miss a workout when I travel, whether for work or on vacation. Keeps me in a good mind frame and gives me leeway with my calories, because I drink more on holiday. This is life - if I stopped eating mindfully and exercising on vacation, then how am I going to maintain a lower weight forever? Besides, fitness is important to me.
  • rainbow198
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    Yes I do. Fitness is a way of life for me and I enjoy it.

    I pack my workout shoes and clothes, wake up and put in work. If the hotel gym is too crowded I'll use a Youtube workout or do bodyweight work in my room.

    I also try to be as active as I can on vacation. Walking to destinations if possible. Taking the stairs. Do physical things like hiking and sightseeing on foot etc. It really does add up.
  • MichelleWithMoxie
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    Yes. I always do. I just got home from a 5 day cruise and ran for an hour each morning. It’s just a nonnegotiable part of my day.
  • WifiresGettingFit
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    I like keeping a routine so I typically will still try to get at least 30 active minutes a day and will try to stay at maintenance. Our vacations usually involve a lot of walking and other activities so it doesn't take much if any effort to meet my goals but if it doesn't happen, I don't worry about it. The main focus is spending time with family and enjoying the time.
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    Love going on cruises because the gyms are fabulous. Looking forward to looking out over the passing ocean waters while working out.
    Cruising vacations are the best if your looking for a good work out!!
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    Do you work out when on vacation?

    Absolutely. That's what vacations are for.

    However, not gym workouts ... just a whole lot of cycling and hiking, with a bit of kayaking and swimming and whatever else! :)
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    If I'm doing a city break I get in alot of steps everyday walking around and if on beach holiday both steps and swimming everyday so I don't do any purposeful exercise .
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    RunRun72 wrote: »
    I'll be going on vacation on Thursday until Sunday. I will have a gym at the hotel but my spouse is SUPER lazy. I've been doing light exercise while watching TV for 2 hours daily. ( one hour morning and one hour in the evening ). Would you exercise during those 4 days or not ?
    Obviously , I wouldn't be counting calories as in my opinion , it would be a waste to stress on calories when there will be all the glorious food !

    i eat everything i fancy and drink as much as i like on holiday... i also walk a lot more than usual which generally balances it out! i never work out though.
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    yep, 7 days a week no matter what for me.
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    Definitely... if there is a gym I’ll make use of that, might change my routine and try out a few different lifts, if there is pool it’s swimming time, if there is a beach it’s an early morning run

    A workout sets up my day, otherwise I feel lethargic and slow
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    No, cause I burn a lot of calories walking
  • sijomial
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    Yes - because I enjoy it primarily.
    Tends not to be my usual workouts though, partly because there are equipment differences and partly because there's different opportunities to do something unusual. Long walks on the beach or hiring a mountain bike and exploring...

  • Meelisv
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    I don't usually do any workout specifically.
    Also, if a vacation is a week or so and within Europe, then I travel with a carry-on bag only, hence no room for gym clothes. I do however like an active vacation. That means I don't spend my time at the beach, but I walk a lot, and if there are mountains nearby, I like to go hiking in the mountains. Sometimes, if location and weather are suitable I also rent a bicycle.

    In any case, I usually average around 30 KM per day walking when on vacation and weather is decent.
    That said, I also eat a lot more on a vacation than at home, it is a vacation after all :smile: 3000 calorie days can be normal for me when on vacation.
  • ruqayyahsmum
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    My ex was super lazy on holidays, slept till the afternoon
    I would go swim, walk or jog round the area, explore any local hiking spots for a few hours while I waited for him to get his *kitten* in gear
  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    I don't do any intentional on vacation, it is a holiday after all :smile: but I do a lot of walking so that's makes up for it.
  • Rosemary7391
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    I ran when I was away with my parents. It helped balance things out, since mom especially was worn out after ~7k steps, whereas I still had energy to spare after that and my run. If I was going with one of my friends, maybe not - depends on the activity. We often do some pretty decent hikes which is plenty!
  • lois1231
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    On vacation, we walk so much, I usually end up losing weight while still treating myself to some goodies.
  • justkeeprunning91
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    I usually won't go to a gym and "work out" per as on vacation, but we hike or walk a lot on vacation, depending on where we are. We went to Moab and got so much exercise hiking, and it was breathtaking. I also like to do longer races in other cities, so we'll do vacations around half marathons. I love Disney races and in November I did the wine and dine 10k and half marathon there. It worked out perfectly because o could eat whatever I wanted at the food and wine festival, but still got around 50,000 steps a day.
  • BruinsGal_91
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    My vacations are usually hiking holidays, so I'm walking 8-15 miles every day. @justkeeprunning91 - I was in Moab last year. You're right, it's breathtaking.

    Sometimes though, we'll have a holiday that's supposed to have less hiking and be more relaxing, but we still end up walking miles along the beach or exploring a city. And the hotel will have a gym and pool which I will make full use of.

    I'm going to Martha's Vineyard for my wedding anniversary this year. Relaxing and romantic? Nope, I'm running a half marathon.