Looking for accountability partners

Who doesn’t do better and succeed when they’re being pushed and held accountable??
Just looking for folks with common goals.
I’d be lyin’ if I said I didn’t care about weight loss (would like to drop 30 to 50lbs), but my ultimate goal is to get healthier.
I have a four year old son that keeps me pretty active in addition to my new workout routine, but again, who can’t use some accountability?


  • kickflipsaway
    kickflipsaway Posts: 13 Member
    You can add me. I'm trying to post more about fitness, etc. to share my own plans. :)
  • mca90guitar
    mca90guitar Posts: 290 Member
    Me, I injured my back and shoulder years ago and when they flare up I get pretty down and lose focus on working out and my diet. Lost a good chunk of weight last year and was laid up for awhile from the shoulder and back and gained a good amount back :(

    Back at it now and hoping I won't have to say that again lol.
  • dillybar12345
    dillybar12345 Posts: 7 Member
    Hi! Feel free to add me, I’m also looking to find people to keep me accountable, to exchange ideas and support :)
  • GrayRider61
    GrayRider61 Posts: 337 Member
    You can add me