What’s your favorite exercise or body part to hit in the gym?



  • Mr_Healthy_Habits
    Mr_Healthy_Habits Posts: 12,588 Member
    Military press, or Arnold press, pull ups and deadlifts
  • suerlewis2
    suerlewis2 Posts: 126 Member
    Love rowing, hate triceps.
  • THeADHDTurnip
    THeADHDTurnip Posts: 413 Member
    Anything lats, Tbars are my favorite.
    I won't be satisfied until I can't fit through doorways anymore.
  • thenewmeagain18
    thenewmeagain18 Posts: 97 Member
    Legs for sure! I love working on my thunder thighs, they are slowly but surely slimming down.
  • NorthCascades
    NorthCascades Posts: 10,970 Member
    All my favorite exercises can only happen outside the gym. Lifting weights is like eating my vegetables; skiing, cycling, and sex are dessert.
  • curborough
    curborough Posts: 131 Member
    Cant beat a spin class
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,843 Member
    Cleans and snatches
  • FAAB_too
    FAAB_too Posts: 67 Member
  • rebecky27
    rebecky27 Posts: 842 Member
    I like the abdominal machine.
    Ever since the spinal for my c-sections, I can't do sit-ups/crunches from the floor. The part of my back that touches the floor when curling upwards is where the needle went in and it is the most bizarre and slightly painful feeling (even 12 years later).
  • UltraVegAthlete
    UltraVegAthlete Posts: 667 Member
    Abs. I use them when I have to go #2 after my run.
  • jaxsmama123
    jaxsmama123 Posts: 165 Member
    squat rack & leg press - gotta work dat butt
  • Versicolour
    Versicolour Posts: 7,161 Member
    I don't gym. My favourite exercise is running with my dog (to Zombies! Run!) and karate. But karate isn't exercise for me, it is fun!
  • tiefighther66
    tiefighther66 Posts: 22 Member
  • elizarizo
    elizarizo Posts: 489 Member
    The booty and legs
    Lunges squats
    All of it
  • Jonesuna64
    Jonesuna64 Posts: 233 Member

    Leg press on this style sled for two reasons 1. Great leg workout 2. It cracks my back for me :)
  • tirowow12385
    tirowow12385 Posts: 698 Member
  • anl90
    anl90 Posts: 928 Member
    Anything leg related. I know I have strong legs, so it makes me feel like a beast lol.
  • Jashwood92
    Jashwood92 Posts: 38 Member
    Hips, butt and thighs!
  • caiteh86
    caiteh86 Posts: 243 Member
    I like it all :smiley:
    But for real...lately... I'd say deadlifts, leg extensions and upright cable rows are my faves.